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MAR 2015

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2015 37 B ec au se of t he comple x it y of t h is process, employers w i l l l i kely need t he a ssist a nce of sa fet y a nd hea lt h profession a l s, suc h a s a Cer t i f ied Indu st r i a l Hyg ien ist or a Cer t i f ied Sa fet y P rofession a l. For e x a mple, employers m ay need help i n eva lu- at i ng t he h a z a rd s when t he Sa fet y Dat a Sheet l ists a l a rge nu mber of d i f ferent const it uents, some w it h no OSH A PEL s. Employers should also consider utilizing technical assistance resources from the manufacturer (typically avail- able on its website). On OSHA's website, you can also see eTools and publications that can assist employers with respirator selec- tion. Here is a brief list of the resources available there: • Respiratory Protection eTool: www. index.html • CPL 2-0.120 — Inspection Procedures for the Respiratory Protection Standard: Publications/SECG_RPS/CPL_2- 0_120.pdf • Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Revised Respiratory Protection Standard: www.osha. gov/Publications/SECG_RPS/ secgrev-current.pdf It's up to You As we have seen or heard, making a mistake when selecting a respirator for confined space entr y can have disastrous consequences. T his article only provides a ver y brief over view of the evaluation process that must be followed to ensure that workers are protected. It is up to the employer to follow the OSH A regulations and get help when needed to ensure that the right choice is made. A nd it is up to the employee to look out for his or her safety. If ever you are in doubt about whether or not your jobsite may be considered a confned space, err on the side of caution. After all, it really can be a matter of life and death. CP Stanford Liang is a g raduate of Universit y of Souther n Ca lifor nia w ith a bachelor's deg ree in Safet y, and he is a Certif ied Industr ia l Hyg ienist, Certif ied Safet y Professiona l, and a Certif ied Env ironmenta l Trainer. He is a lso author ized by OSH A to instr uct the 10- and 30-Hour Constr uction Safet y courses. Liang has more than 25 years of ex per ience as an occupationa l safet y and hea lth professiona l. He has assisted many employ- ers in the development and implementation of work place safet y prog rams to control fa l l hazards. This includes training , rescue plans, and fa l l control plans. For more infor mation, contact: Stan Liang , (412) 429-0560, sliang@amhea lthandsafet Safety Watch YOU KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT NO FLASH RUST = A CLEAN SURFACE HoldTight®102 is the standard of performance for preventing fash rust. ◗ NO SALT. Removes all contaminants ◗ NO RUST. Leaves a rust-free surface for 48 hours or more—often 3 to 5 days ◗ NO DETECTABLE RESIDUE. There is nothing left on the surface that might interfere with your coating. Among rust preventers and salt removers, HoldTight®102 is the most widely used, reliable, time-proven, lab- tested, feld-tested, recommended and approved by coating companies. Call, email or visit our website today to see why HoldTight®102 is the best option for lowcost, easy-to-achieve, and easy-to-measure contaminant-free surface preparation. Contact us today! International +1 713 266 9339 1 800 319 8802 (Toll Free in N. America) Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #16 4 Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #255

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