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MAR 2015

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2015 43 Howard selected this coating system after talking with other museums that have old aircraft carriers. "Within the historic naval system, we talk to each other, and a museum in Oakland had used it and was very happy with it," he said. Howard said one of the advantages of the primer was that it could be applied on top of a broad range of substrate coatings. "We don't really know what all those coatings are and what they contain and how old they are, so we needed something to encap- sulate the whole thing and then we could put a fresh topcoat on," he said. Te crew applied the coating in two layers to reach a total average WFT of 2 to 4 mils (51–102 microns) using rollers. "We didn't spray; we had to apply with rollers because that was part of the process the regulatory agencies said we needed to use," Howard said. Te crew started at the bow of the ship and began working down the starboard side. Tey use a barge with a 2-ton (1.8 metric tons) Nifty TM50 man lift, which allows the workers to be able to reach up on the side of the ship that they need to do their work. Once they are fnished with the starboard side, they will bring the barge back to the front and do the port side. Te crew uses tarps draped between the Yorktown and the barge to make sure none of the chips of paint they scrape of land in the water. W hen they are done, they will have resurfaced 50,000 square feet (4,645 m²) of carbon steel. The first of two coatings was the primer, which was applied at of 2–4 mils (51–102 microns) wet film thickness (WFT) from the ship's bow, down the starboard, and to the port. Get the knowledge. Be a pro. Go to SUBSCRIBE Helping YOU do your job better, f a ster, a nd more efciently. It's FREE. 14_1386

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