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MAR 2015

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46 MARCH 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Polyurea Crew Waterproofs Monumental Land Bridge BY JACK INNIS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR PHOTOS COURTESY CREATIVE POLYMERS INC. Te Jeferson National Expansion Memorial park was a monumental mess! Opened in 1967 as a symbol of the United States westward expansion, the 630-foot-high (192 m) St. Louis Gateway Arch represented the spirit of discovery and growth. But in recent decades, the surrounding park had done anything but grow. Visitor counts had fat lined, and critics claimed the park had become isolated, stale, and irrelevant. Planners rea lized that a big par t of the problem was that the park was ef fectively wa l led of f f rom the cit y by Interstate 4 4. T hey needed to f ind a way to connect blocks of hotels, ma l ls, v isitor attractions, restaurants, and cit y parks on the west side of the interstate to the 91-acre (37 hectare) park on the east side of the interstate. Plans were hatched for a $318 mi l lion renovation project that inc luded a 97-foot by 274 -foot (30 m by 8 4 m) land br idge to span Interstate 4 4. T he ambitious under ta k ing wou ld rev ita lize the areas on both sides of the f reeway and, over time, br ing $367 mi l lion and 4,400 per manent jobs to the reg ion, accord ing to forecasts. But to make those forecasts work, the 25,000-square-foot (2,323 m²) land bridge simply couldn't look like an uninviting drab slab of concrete. It needed to look like part of the park. It needed trees, bushes, plants, lawns, benches, and tons of topsoil. It needed Creative Polymers' polyurea waterproofng FLOOR CONCRETE POLYUREA

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