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MAR 2015

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64 MARCH 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM so that the material would be hot and ready to go. Te D. C. Taylor team also decided to store the majority of the material inside their warehouse and only bring out barrels as needed. In addition to the barrel heaters, transfer pumps were used so that the material could be properly pumped through the lines of the Graco 833 Hydro Spray roof rig and applied over the entire roof deck at an average wet mil thickness of 20 mils (508 microns). "OneStep is great for its elasticity and thickness; it is a really versatile product. We were also impressed with its aesthetics and refective properties," stated Bradigan. Keeping It Green The OneStep coating system is specifically designed as an environmentally friendly roof coating. It is a moisture-cured, high solids, white ref lective coating. The ref lectivity of the OneStep coating makes the roof energ y efficient, which is good for the environment and the clients' bottom line. As a high-per- formance coating that adheres to existing roof systems, ERSystems' OneStep provides a longer roof life for a higher return on investment. A lso, because a full roof demolition was not required, there was less landfill waste from the job. "We also returned the material containers to the manufacturer for reuse," said Bradigan. Because the client, which wishes to remain unnamed, was in full operation throughout the application of the coating system, the fresh-air intakes into the building were closed to avoid any fumes from being transferred into the facility. Te crew was also extremely aware of potential overspray issues, especially during breezier weather. "Overspray was really only a problem in one area: the southeast corner of the building. We held of on the primer and coating application in this section until the weekend. We blocked of the parking lot after close of business on Friday to ensure that no cars were parked in the lot during the application process," stated Bradigan. One Step to Success Tanks to a skilled crew and the products from ERSystems, the D. C. Taylor Co. crew fnished the job before winter set in over the Mile High city. Tey were able to deliver ERSystems' 10-year warranty on the OneStep coating system. "We knew going into it that we were up against the clock. We started the job on September 17 and fgured it would take about six weeks to complete. We fnished on time and were really lucky that the weather cooperated for the most part. Te band heaters really helped us out on those cold nights, and having quality materi- als from ERSystems was a huge part of the success of the job," said Bradigan. Bradigan revealed that this job was the frst time he and his crew had applied the ERSystems OneStep roofng system, but, with the system in place, this crew (and the roof ) was set for success. CP VENDOR TEAM BriskHeat Corporation Equipment manufacturer 1055 Gibbard Ave. Columbus, OH 43201 (614) 294-3376 DeWalt Industrial Tool Co. Equipment manufacturer 701 E. Joppa Rd. Baltimore, MD 21286 (800) 433-9258 ERSystems by ITW Polymers Sealants Coatings manufacturer 111 S Nursey Rd. Irving, TX 75060 (800) 878-7876 Graco Inc. Equipment manufacturer 88 11th Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 623-6000 Leading Edge Safety, LLC Safety equipment manufacturer 1345 Taney St. North Kansas City, MO 64116 (888) 990-2990 Green Roofing System This roof deck coating project is considered environmentally friendly because the system can be applied to an existing membrane, which means less debris in landfills and savings in time and money. What a huge difference from before and after! "OneStep is great for its elasticity and thickness; it is a really versatile product. We were also impressed with its aesthetics and reflective properties," stated Bradigan.

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