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MAR 2015

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72 MARCH 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM E ven in San Diego where it's almost always sunny, coatings contractors occasionally need a warm meal to get them through the middle of the day. Tat's why contractors in Clairemont Mesa head to Ramen Yamada, located about 6 miles (10 km) from the shore, for its signature noodle dish. Even when the weather's warm, the Tonkotsu ramen (shown here) will keep contractors satisfed. Add a curry bowl on the side of the pork-broth- based soup, and you' ll be saying sayonara to hunger pains. Have a "Jobsite Lunchbox" meal you'd like to brag about? Send your favorite to We can't guarantee that it will make it into the next issue, but we can guaran- tee the CP staf will be drooling all the way to noon! CP propylene diene monomer (EPDM). Te specially formulated polyolefn fbers add reinforcement and body to allow for both horizontal and vertical applica- tions. Lucas #6500 is perfect for wet or dry repairs and can even be used as an underwater repair material. For more information, contact: RM Lucas, (773) 523-4300, Reader Inquiry # 3509 Fight Influenza — Clean and Sanitize Large Areas Water Cannon Pressure Washers deliver a wide swath of low-pressure 180° F (82° C) hot (water heater required at water source) or ambient tempera- ture water injected with 5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite (aka household bleach) and calcium hypochlorite (aka bleach powder). W hen applied for 10 minutes on concrete, brick, stone, or metal surfaces, it will kill viruses, including infuenza. Repeat if needed. Water Cannon power washers are already used extensively in the poultry industry to fght avian fu, and they can also be used indoors powered by an electric motor. New for 2015, Water Cannon features a commercial-indus- trial grade American motor and the "180 degree Hot-Pack Kit" Cat triplex ceramic plunger pump. Standard accessories include a 50-foot (15 m) hose, trigger gun, wand, low-pressure widefan bleach, chemical, or soap injec- tor, four color-coded spray nozzles, and one color-coded chemical nozzle — all with quick connects. For more infor- mation, contact: Water Cannon, (800) 333-9274, Reader Inquiry # 3510 Super-Loc Premium Primer for Masonry and Bonding A s part of its ongoing commit- ment to develop high-per for mance products that are safe for people and the env ironment, Dunn-Edwards has introduced Super-Loc Premium masonr y and bonding pr imer in white. New Super-Loc Premium is for mu- lated w ith an advanced urethane modified acr ylic technolog y, which prov ides super ior application and adhesion properties. T he product is low-odor, fast-dr y ing, and easy to apply. " T he New Super-Loc Premium prov ides excellent adhesion on many inter ior and exter ior difficult-to-paint sur faces. Its unique resins migrate into the sur face voids, which help to improve adhesion," ex plained Product Manager Sam Carr illo. "Super- Loc a lso has excellent a lka li and eff lores- cence resistance on inter ior and exter ior masonr y sur faces." To demonstrate per for mance, prev i- ously painted cha lky panels were pr imed w ith New Super-Loc Premium and other leading water-bor ne bonding pr imers. T he test results showed New Super-Loc Premium has better adhesion than any of the competing brands. For more infor- mation, contact: Dunn-Edwards, w w Reader Inquiry # 3511 Coating Provides Corrosion and Heat Resistance A high-per for mance coating for insulated and un-insulated steel and concrete sur faces that resists wet-dr y ther ma l c ycling, boiling water, and steam has been intro - duced by Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Mass. T he Protexior Chemica l Resistant Epox y Top Coat & Pr imer K it combines a corrosion- and heat-re- sistant coating up to 450° F (232° C) into one high-per for mance specifica- tion that meets both ISO 20340 and A STM B -117. Featur ing Novolac epox y protection integrated w ith silicone resin technolog y, this low volatile organic compound ( VOC) coating protects insulated and un-insulated steel and concrete sur faces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor coatings under New & Noteworthy THE JOBSITE LUNCHBOX

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