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MAR 2015

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2015 73 insulation (CUI) applications, the Protexior Chemica l Resistant Epox y Top Coat & Pr imer K it confor ms to A STM G 85 - 02 modified sa lt spray, A STM D -543 boiling water resistance, the A STM D -3359 adhesion tape test, and ISO 20340 A nnex A Ageing resistance. Applied by roller or spray, t y pical uses include piping, vessels, va lves, ducts, and plenums. For more infor mation, contact: Dampney Company, Inc., (781) 237-5860, w w Reader Inquiry # 3512 Teslan 1500 Protective Coating, Safer for the Environment Tesla NanoCoatings announces the release of a new high-per for mance coating containing no heav y meta ls like cadmium or lead, which are found in zinc-r ich coatings. Using carbon nanotechnolog y, Tesla NanoCoatings has developed Teslan 1500, which is an a luminum-based cor rosion control coating that uses a luminum rather than zinc as sacr if icia l meta l, ma k ing it much safer for the env ironment. " With g row ing concer n about heav y meta ls in coatings, more companies are star ting to eva luate the potentia l of the cadmium and lead leaching into env ironment," commented Todd Hawk ins, president and CEO, Tesla NanoCoatings, Inc. T he Teslan 1500 is par t of a new c lass of coatings uti lizing Tesla NanoCoating's carbon nanotechnolog y, which is a t wo -coat system that reduces labor costs 25 –30 percent whi le doubling the life of the coating. For more infor ma- tion, contact: Tesla NanoCoatings, w w Reader Inquiry # 3513 Back Supports Offers Exceptional Value and Support Allegro's line of back support products include the Liftbak, which is a 5" (13 cm) belt of rigid foam that supports the back during strenuous lifting. Buckle and locking closure holds securely yet allows New Products & Services June 7–10, 2015 Anaheim, CA Co-hosted by Uniting the World of Water Check out these vital sessions: MON16 Water Supply and Treatment Issues: New Technologies and Solutions TUE09 Membrane Applications for Highly Challenging Waters TUE30 Overcoming the Hurdles of Direct Potable Reuse: A Debate on Economics, Regulations, Treatment, Operations, and Public Acceptance WED13 Residuals Management: What to Do with the Leftovers WED31 Treating Impaired Water Sources to Meet Water Shortages and Growing Demands WED38 Membrane Applications for Conventional Treatment Register Before March 27 for the Best Rates! Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #319

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