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74 MARCH 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM easy adjustment. Designed for greater durability and strength are Allegro's popular Deluxe Spanbak, Spanbak, and Bodybelt. Te Deluxe Spanbak features breathable spandex backed with rubber grip webbing to prevent ride-up. Te Spankbak comes in fve sizes for a perfect ft. All three of these belts are available with suspenders. Te Flexbak ofers a patented three-part closure that ensures a custom ft and superior lumbar support. Tis 9" (23 cm) medical-style truss helps produce maximum bracing without pinching or riding up. Designed for highway work or wherever visibility is necessary, the Economy Hi-Vis ofers all the same outstanding features with high-visibility green suspenders and side elastic panels. Also available is the All Fit with neoprene pad support. All Allegro back supports come in a reusable zippered bag that's perfect for storage. Te hanging loop and breathable side allows the belt to air while being stored. For more information, contact: Allegro, (800) 622-3530, Reader Inquiry # 3514 The Ultimate Protection Against Water Vapor W.R. Meadows' Perminator, with a 15-mil (381 microns) vapor barrier, long known for being one of the tough- est products in the market, now has a perm rating 16 times lower than that required under the ASTM E1745 standard. It also has one of the lowest perm ratings in the industry and has nearly twice the puncture resistance of other vapor barriers. Te new propri- etary technology enables Perminator to signifcantly exceed the requirements of ASTM E 1745 (0.1 perms) as well as the recommendation of ACI 302.2R, which states that a vapor barrier with a perm rating of 0.01 perms or less should be installed in areas where the ASTM E 1745 is not sufcient to protect the foor. Te new Perminator 15 product technology also provides the lowest vapor permeance as well as puncture resistance that is 45 percent tougher than required by the ASTM E 1745, thus providing the entire building team with a vapor barrier that exceeds its function in every way. For more information, contact: W.R. Meadows, (800) 342-5976, Reader Inquiry # 3515 Hybrid Epoxy Technology Launched Into North America AkzoNobel's protective coatings brand has launched Enviroline 2405, an advanced hybrid epoxy lining system, into North America. Te high tempera- ture, abrasion-resistant coating was specially designed to ofer exceptional fexibility, durability, and protection in a single coat. Enviroline 2405 is formu- lated as an ultrahigh solids, low volatile organic compound (VOC) 0.37 lbs./ gal. (45 g/L), two component polycycla- mine-cured epoxy for a faster and easier installation in a variety of oil and gas, chemical, mining, and water and waste- water environments. Applied at ambient temperature with either standard airless or plural component spray equipment, Enviroline 2405 provides a rapid hard cure in six hours, with a return to service in about 48 hours. Te heavy duty lining system is ideal for use in process vessels and tanks operating at temperatures up to 302° F (150° C), and it can resist continuous immersion in a range of chemicals including crude oil up to 176° F (80° C). For more information, contact: AkzoNobel, www.internation- Reader Inquiry # 3516 Dow Corning Launches New Family of Foam Control Agents Formulators of water-borne inks, overprint varnishes (OPVs), and low/ medium PVC paints can now achieve efcient foam control with fewer worries about the formation of surface defects. Dow Corning's new family of water-borne antifoams includes a range of solutions that ofer high levels of efciency with low levels of defects. Dow Corning 69 Additive, Dow Corning 8590 Additive, Dow Corning 8603 Additive, Dow Corning 8610 Additive, and Dow Corning 8628 Additive are easily dispersible silicone compounds and emulsions designed for use in water- borne inks, OPVs, and industrial and architectural paints. Tey ofer a good balance of efciency, compatibility, and antifoaming performance at low dosage levels. Additionally, all are Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate (APEO)-free and are low VOC (volatile organic compound). "We are applying our extensive expertise in silicone-based antifoam chemis- try to bring 'best-in-class' antifoam technology to the industries we serve, and because we recognize that no one antifoam agent will work in all systems, this new portfolio includes a range of products designed to address foaming challenges under a variety of conditions," said Dow Corning Global Segment Leader Chris Wall. For more information, contact: Dow Corning, Reader Inquiry # 3517 New & Noteworthy

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