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COATINGSPRO SURFACEPREP 2015 23 IBIX North America 2055 Lake Ave, SE, Unit A Largo, FL 33771 (727) 322-4611 IBIX Innovation in Portable Powder Coating for America… IBIX® North America is the premier supplier of portable blasting and coating units. Our revolutionary systems are perfect for on-site surface preparation and maximum corro- sion protection. Precise media fow controls provide the best quality surface fnish from both our coating and blasting systems. IBIX is the complete potable one-man solution for contractor approved feld-applied coatings, from the prepa- ration of the anchor profle to the optimal thermal applied coating at the job site. Step 1: Proper Surface preparation is the most important step in any coating application, and our lightweight portable aluminum systems are able to adjust to any on-site blast operations. Our micro-blast units are available in 4 sizes, with dual action wet and/or dry technology. We ofer a variety of nozzles, extended lance, hose attachments and a convenient backpack unit. IBIX is capable of blasting with a variety of green abrasives through our engineered water shroud, for dustless surface preparation, in the most challenging environments. Step 2: On-Site coating is done with our multi-functional thermal fame spray Spartacus. Te dry powder is propelled through a gun-type applicator pneumatically and heated onto the surface. Te material dries almost instantaneously and is more durable than any traditional coating materials. We ofer a variety of spray gun attachments for everything from small repairs to large volume coverage areas, up to 450 sq.ft./hr. Te new Centurion is the latest technology providing a wider, knife like spray pattern, increasing the coverage area by 3 to 4 times the standard high fow gun. Spartacus is the perfect on-site tool for most coating projects from concrete to steel structures and pipelines, for the maximum isolative protection. Our specially formulated Green Polymers ofer both chemical resistance and fexibility, with excellent adhesion for maximum corrosion protection. Field Repairs are done with the same materials, for optimum protection on a molecular strength level. IBIX the premier supplier of Plascoat fame spray polymers are safe for the environment with NO VOC. IBIX systems are designed to be run with compressed air, attached to a skid, or rolled to the location for ease of opera- tion and clean up. ASME compliant, and come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty. IBIX North America your partner for on and of shore blasting and coating solutions, see us at the up-coming SUB-SEA Tieback Forum conference booth # 1924 March 3 - 5 New Orleans. For more information: w w w.ibi or call 727-322- 4611. SPARTACUS introduces the latest technology in guns, the Centurion. Providing a knife like spray pattern 3 to 4 times wider than the standard high flow gun for improved polymer fusion overlay. Company Profile: IBIX North America SPONSORED CONTENT

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