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26 SURFACEPREP 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Surface Prep The Devil Is in the Details: Surface Prep Prior to Coating Your Existing Roof By Scott Gayle, National Sales Manager for American WeatherStar Photos Courtesy of American WeatherStar LLC T he devil is in the details" is a ftting quotation to use when it comes to surface preparation prior to coating your existing roof. We have all heard this familiar saying, and it is one I use frequently with contractors. Just like with any other venture, if you plan to be successful with surface prep, you need to have a solid plan and pay close attention to the details. Determining Moisture and Cleanliness One of the most important aspects prior to beginning any coatings project is determining whether your current roof can be restored. If the entire system is wet, do not expect a coating to be the solution. A ll too often, a building owner has put of a restoration project from one year to the next only to be upset by the fact that fve years after the initial evalua- tion, the roof is no longer a candidate for a restoration coating system. Now his or her project has doubled in price. Infrared moisture scans can be completed and are helpful in determining whether or not there is a moisture problem in a roofng system. Te scans are economical, and they will guide you to identify trouble areas that can be remedied prior to the coating system application. Once the substrate has been determined to be applicable for a coating system and is dry, the next step is to make sure that it is clean. Imagine, if you will, a parking lot covered in sand and debris. If you wanted to paint lines on that parking lot, you would not paint those lines right over all of the sand and debris. Tat is because, after trafc starts moving around on your parking lot or an afternoon shower settles in and gives it a good washing, most, if not all, of your hard work spent on painting those lines would be gone. W hy? Your lines were installed on the sand and debris above the parking lot and not on the asphalt that makes the parking lot. Tis same reasoning applies to your roof. Get it clean. O ne o f the m os t im p or tant a sp ec t s p rior to b eginning any coating s p r ojec t is de termining whe ther your curr ent r oo f can b e r e s tor e d. As with any coatings project, achieving a successful roof coating project deals with the details. There are many different types of roofs; you need a solid plan to make your particular job work.

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