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COATINGSPRO SURFACEPREP 2015 27 Roof Surface Prep Pay Attention to the Details Now that our roof is dry and clean, it is time to start the detail work. Tis is where the real waterproofng takes place. Tere are a couple of things you should pay close atten- tion to in assuring successful surface prep: 1. Make sure that any end-laps or seams that are open, fish-mouthed, or compromised in any way are repaired. These should be repaired with common good roofing practices using similar materials. 2. This is a great time to remove any penetrations that have been abandoned or are no longer necessary. Materials that will be in the way, such as old air conditioning (A/C) drain lines and the various types of blocks that support them, old curbs, or concrete blocks, should be removed. Some additional details to consider regarding the roof at this time include: • Ponding water. W hen it comes to coatings, you don't have a lot of options. Find a system that will withstand ponding water or properly repair the roof and relieve the areas that pond. This can be tricky, but drains are a good fix. If you have good access to them, drains are a great way to get ponds off a roof and are good, long-term solutions. You can tr y building these areas up, though the result is often that the pond is merely moved to another part of the roof. Let's face it: T hese are maintenance systems, and we don't want to be in the reroofing business.

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