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COATINGSPRO SURFACEPREP 2015 33 Graco Inc. (612) 623-6420 Graco ® EcoQuip ® Vapor Abrasive ® Blasting: A Cleaner, Easier Path to Proftable Results Up to 92% less dust EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive blasting technology is vastly difer- ent than dry-blasting, slurry-blasting and traditional water- based blast methods. It suppresses airborne dust by adding water simultaneously with the media in the pressure pot. Te result is a fne water mist combined with a blast force as powerful as the dry blasting, but with up to 92% less airborne dust. Less disposal and containment costs Traditional sandblasting can use up to 2,000 pounds of sand an hour with a #8 nozzle. Tis generates large sand dunes that may be contaminated with anti-foul, lead paint or whatever coating is on the surface being cleaned. Tis sand needs to be contained and properly disposed, which can be expensive. With EcoQuip, you only use about 250 pounds of media per hour*, which means a lot less grit to contain and clean up. Because you use less media, it becomes more cost efective to use garnet, staurolite, crushed glass or other media. EcoQuip technology uses far less water than slurry and traditional water-based blasting. Unlike wet blasting, the mist expelled by EcoQuip quickly evaporates. Tere are no pools of water, no runof to worry about, and no large slurry messes to clean up. How it works With EcoQuip equipment, the media is totally immersed with water in the pot. Because the grit is wet, the water makes each piece of grit heavier. Since weight x speed = momentum, you increase the momentum and productivity for the price of water. Te inertia from the blasting process uses the reaction of the water on the surface to encapsulate and trap any dust coming from the surface area. With EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive blasting, you can use 80 to 100 grit media, which is fner than the 16 to 20 grit commonly used in traditional sandblasting. Because you are blasting many more particles at a surface, you are making many more imprints on the surface to create a favorable anchor profle, thus increasing your efciency and decreasing operator fatigue as well. Take the eco-friendly approach to abrasive blasting Graco EcoQuip is a leader in providing Vapor Abrasive blast equipment for the coatings removal and surface preparation industry. We take pride our eco-friendly method of abrasive blasting. Superior in technology, Graco EcoQuip products are designed for a variety of difcult environmental condi- tions and can also be used in applications that would make dry blasting very difcult, like high-humidity, rain and even underwater applications. With the ability to eliminate up to 92% of airborne parti- cles while achieving removal rates comparable to traditional dry blasting, you can improve your efciency by minimizing containment and reducing your project costs. To read a third-party report on EcoQuip's 92% dust suppression, or to calculate your return on investment, visit *EcoQuip media consumption rate based on using 30- 60 garnet at 10 cycles per minute. Individual results may var y. If hazard- ous materials are being blasted, containment or clean-up may be required. Company Profile: Graco Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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