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COATINGSPRO SURFACEPREP 2015 35 HoldTight Solutions Inc. P.O. Box 27907 Houston, TX 77227 (713) 266-9339 Back to the Future with HoldTight ® 102 Past T he developers of HoldTight®102 were i nvolved i n bu i ld i ng a nd m a rket i ng a n ea rly version of wet abra sive bl a st i ng equ ipment. T he y needed to solve a m ajor problem: bl a st i ng w it h water a nd abra sive resu lted i n i nst a nt f l a sh r u st. Convent ion a l "r u st i n h ibitors" were a nd a re " f i l m-for m i ng", so add i ng t hem to t he water m ig ht i n h ibit f l a sh r u st, but m ig ht a l so i nter fere w it h coat i ng ad hesion. T h at wou ld be a m a rket k i l ler. T hei r solut ion: f ig u re out a way to c lea n t he su r face so wel l — remov i ng a l l or most " hyg roscopic" or water -at- t rac t i ng cont a m i n a nts — t h at f l a sh r u st wou ld be post poned for m a ny hou rs or severa l d ays. T hen be su re t h at a f ter c lea n i ng , no new residue is i nt roduced t h at m ig ht be a problem for coat i ng. T he resu lt: a produc t we now c a l l HoldTight®102 . Wet abra sive bl a st i ng a nd HoldTight®102 h ave been va lu able pa r t ners ever si nce. Present Rol l the c lock for ward a decade or so: It tur ns out that achiev ing c leaner sur faces — sur faces w ithout the debr is of blasting (spent abrasives, pu lver ized r ust and old coatings) and w ithout ionic contaminants or "sa lts", such as chlor ides, su lfates, nitrates, phosphates, etc. — is now w idely recog nized as a major way to improve coating ad hesion. T hough water a lone w i l l cause f lash r ust on fer rous meta l sur faces, the much big ger problem, of ten revea led by f lash r ust, is contamination that can lead to premature coating fai lure in a number of d if ferent ways. Future So, now HoldTight®102 is not only a surefire way to prevent f lash rust, but, because it achieves that result by removing most, if not all, contaminants — salts, acids, grease, blast debris — it is also an effective "salt remover". "102" hasn't changed but the world around it has: a time-tested, successful niche product has become critically important to the future of first-rate surface preparation. In the coming years and decades, we believe more and more ow ners of " infrastructure" — and those who specif y surface preparation methods for them — w ill focus on surface cleanliness as a necessar y element in their arsenal in the battle against corrosion. We also believe that industr y leaders w ill increasingly move beyond ion-specific measure- ments of cleanliness to measurements of total ionic-con- tamination. In practical terms that means, like the U.S. Nav y, ow ners w ill want to measure total conduc- tivity — the complete gauge of the presence of ions that might degrade coating perfor- mance — rather than launching more costly hunts for specific ions such as chlorides or sulfates or nitrates. T his is an area where " keeping it simple" is smart and "making it compli- cated " is stupid. W hen you need to get it right use HoldTight®102 to elimi- nate conductivity by removing A LL contaminants, not just yesterday's favorites, chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates (aka "CSN"). Above all, by using "102" you can avoid products that remove CSN, but end up raising conductivity, trading one set of bad actors for another. Company Profile: HoldTight Solutions Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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