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COATINGSPRO SURFACEPREP 2015 37 Can't Blast? Bristle Blast! COMPANY For over ten years, Montipower, Inc. has been a prov ider of innovative sur face preparation tools. A s the impor ter and master d istr ibutor for the Br ist le Blaster and a var iet y of other specia lized products, we maintain an extensive inventor y of tools, consumables and spare par ts, enabling us to a lways ship same-day to our customers and d istr ibu- tion net work throughout the United States and Canada. Montipower is proud to ofer on-site training, repair services and product expertise to enable our customers to employ our products to get their work done in a timely and efcient manner. A ll tools are sold with a 100% satisfac- tion guarantee and an comprehensive warranty. Te Bristle Blaster and other MBX products are manufactured by Monti Werkzeuge Gmbh, an ISO 9001 certifed company located in Bonn, Germany. PRODUCT T he Bristle Blaster, introduced in 2007, offers a unique surface preparation solution when a blast-quality finish is required, but abrasive blasting is not feasible, economi- cal, or, is prohibited. T he Bristle Blasting process enables the user to remove coatings, corrosion and scale while simultaneously generating an anchor profile w ith a power hand tool. T he tool is a combination of a w ire bristle " belt" dy namically tuned to a drive unit operating at approxi- mately 3,000 r pm, and is designed to allow the bristle tips to strike the corroded surface w ith the same kinetic energ y as traditional grit blast media. Both testing and in-f ield per for mance d ictate that Br ist le Blasting can deliver a level of sur face prepara- tion on par w ith abrasive blasting. Cor roded /pitted steel sur faces can be restored to a near-white or white meta l appearance and an anchor prof i le of 2.6 to 3.3 mi l is routinely obtained on standard A PI 5L steel. T he produc- tion rate for Br ist le Blasting is approx imately 15 sq. f t per hour. Br ist le Blasting w i l l deliver the equiva lent of an SSPC-SP-10 blast c lean. T he Bristle Blaster offers significant advantages over other power tool cleaning methods. Light-weight, hand-held power tools (pneumatic and electric) enable users to economically generate a blast-quality clean w ithout the need for complex equipment, media recover y apparatus and extensive safety precautions. Excellent mobility and "eco-friendly" operation delivers performance in almost ever y environment. Te Bristle Blaster is ideally suited for spot repairs, touch-ups and weld cleaning operations. However, it can also be readily applied to larger surface areas where blasting is prohibited. Te Bristle Blaster has been deployed extensively for use on pipelines, refneries, bridge refurbishment, marine fabrication and repair and other industrial maintenance applications. Montipower, Inc. 7677 Coppermine Dr. Manassas, VA 20109 (877) 629-8777 Company Profile: Montipower, Inc. SPONSORED CONTENT

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