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COATINGSPRO SURFACEPREP 2015 9 Clemco Industries Corp. Washington, MO 63090 (636) 239-0300 (636) 239-4300 - Customer Service Clemco fghts corrosion and improves surfaces for public safety and quality of life Our Story Clemco Industries Corp., headquartered in Washington, Missouri, originated as a contractors' equipment rental business, Clementina Ltd, in San Francisco, California, in the 1940s. In response to rental market needs, Clementina devel- oped its own air-powered abrasive blast machine, and soon after many other blast accessories. Te business has grown into a global enterprise serving customers on fve continents. Today, Clemco is well-known for its air-blast products, which provide surface treatment solutions to industry. Our products include blast machines, numerous specialty blast accessories, blast-operator safety equipment (PPE), manual and automated blast cabinets, blast rooms, fxed-installation and portable abrasive recovery systems, portable dust collec- tion, and dehumidifcation equipment. Clemco serves its customers through distributors around the globe. Abrasive blasting is a behind-the-scenes technology that improves products and structures common in every-day life. Serving a wide spectrum of industries, such as construction, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, power generation, manufacturing, and many more, our equipment serves to prevent and fght corrosion, stress relieve critical compo- nents, and fnish consumer and industrial products. Te Clemco philosophy embodies safety, quality, and product performance. We build products with integral safety features, and our PPE line ofers NIOSH-approved respira- tors, breathing-air flters, carbon monoxide monitors and alarms, and blast suits to fully-protect our blast-operator customers on the job. Clemco's quality system is ISO 9001:2008-certifed. Our products are designed and manufactured to ASME- and CE-standards, and our USA plant operates in a lean manufac- turing environment. We also comply with OSHA, NIOSH, and ANSI regulations in our designs, practices, and labeling to bring safe, high-quality products to market. What's New A recent addition to our PPE line is our CMS-3 carbon monox- ide (CO) monitor/alarm, a tiny device that mounts inside the blast respirator to immediately warn the operator of CO-contaminated air. Te CMS-3 uses visual, auditory, and vibratory devices, which alarm when CO reaches the threshold set by OSHA. Te CMS-3 speeds the process of alerting the operator to a deadly situation, providing a life-saving service. A line of portable dehumidifers is new to Clemco in the U.S. We bring this proven equipment from one of our operations in Europe, where it has served customers for decades. W hen abrasive blasting in humid environments, blasted surfaces are vulnerable to atmospheric corrosion. Dehumidifcation reduces the water content of the air, keeping relative humidity low and allowing blasting and coating under adverse weather conditions. New oferings in portable dust collection and portable abrasive recovery enhance job site productivity and efciency. Clemco MB-Z dehumidifers, MB vacuum systems, and MB dust collectors are available in several sizes to suit a variety of blast site needs. Clemco is immensely proud of its role in positively impacting peoples' lives through improving the safety of the world 's public and private infrastructure and improving all kinds of products that touch lives every day. Company Profile: Clemco Industries Corp. SPONSORED CONTENT

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