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MAY 2015

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30 MAY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM customers will read, watch, or listen to a compelling message. You will not retain their interest if you're boring because if they're not interested, they're not buying. So you have your sub-markets defned, and you've crafted a message that's specifc to each of them. Now what? The Media Te fnal step in this equation is to choose the media that will get the message to the sub-markets you've identifed. It is critical here to think outside the box. Media is much more than radio, T V, and newspapers. Tis magazine is media. Do the major- ity of one of your sub-markets read CoatingsPro? Perhaps this is a place to put your message. Perhaps you'd be better served by e-mail. Or postal mail. Perhaps a newsletter. If you go with a newsletter, should it be online or printed and mailed? Can you produce a video sales letter (VSL) that's both entertaining and instructional? Te point is: Te media must perform two equally important functions. First, it must get the message to the customer. Second, it must create sufcient interest in the frst seven seconds to compel the recipient to consume the information you've sent. My personal preference for this is to create your own printed newslet- ter. Printed newsletters have several attributes that make them the best choice for many businesses. First, you have the ability to put multiple stories in that can appeal to more than one of your sub-markets. Second, you can control the editorial copy that goes into each newsletter, thereby ensuring that the copy has personality. Finally, printed newsletters tend to be treated as publications and are not as likely to be immediately thrown out like a sales fyer or insert might be. My own formula for a newsletter is no more than 25 percent relevant content, 40 percent semi-relevant content, and 35 percent non-relevant content. Relevant content is information that pertains directly to your business, such as a new piece of equipment, a new product, a sale or promotion, or a reminder that winter is coming and to avoid the rush you should book now. Semi-relevant content is a story that promotes your product indirectly. Tis can be customer profles, contests, give-aways, your trip to a NACE International meeting or World of Concrete. Tese are all semi-relevant to your sub-market and make your newsletter readable. Non-relevant information has nothing to do with your business. But leave it out and readership will drop precipitously. As an example, I've talked about my fear of fying, my 2013 Mustang BOSS 302, my son's Hepatitis B infection, my divorce, and even my holiday in Florida visiting my dad. Do any of these have anything to do with my business? Obviously not. Does anything build rapport and a sense of afnity with me like my non-relevant content? Not a chance. By writing about myself every month, my customers get to know me as a person. By allowing them to see into my life, I become a friend — someone they want to do business with. Is this a little weird at frst? Yes. But when you start getting calls from customers and, in the middle of talking about applying a coating to solve a problem, they ask how my son Mason is doing, I just smile because at that moment I know that this is my customer. CP Richard Bueckert is t he ow ner of a protect ive coat ing and concrete coat ing company in Winnipeg Manitoba , Canad a. He has been in t he coat ings business for 18 years and is a lso a Gla zer-K ennedy Insider's Circ le (GK IC) Cer t if ied Business Adv isor and Societ y for Protect ive Coat ings (SSPC) Protect ive Coat ing Specia l ist. Buec ker t r uns a mont h ly market ing and coaching g roup for sma l l business ow ners. For more infor mat ion, contact: R ichard Buec ker t, r ichard@r ichardbuec ker The final step in this equation is to choose the media that will get the message to the sub-markets you've identified. Marketing Savvy

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