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MAY 2015

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34 MAY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM levels, or roof protrusions units are just a few. Your employees must have specialized skill sets and baseline expertise to handle these dynamics. Professional training and instruc- tion are what's needed. Many coating manufacturers ofer training for their products. Your project supervisors should complete these programs so they are certifed product applicators and experts. If a manufacturer ofers graduated levels of training, have your supervisors go through all of them so they're fully prepared for any project need. Increase Bids With Marketing Exposure Marketing is essential, as it's what brings in the leads. It's especially important for newer companies, which need to build their referral networks for ongoing business. Tere are many marketing tools for generating leads: direct mail, social media, websites, email communi- cations, telephone contact, and more. In today's information-driven world, having a professional-looking website is vital. Tere are thousands of dollars at stake in commercial and industrial jobs, and building owners prefer companies that are professional and take their needs seriously. Having a professional image is part of that process, and a high-end website will market your company for you even when you're closed for the day. Professional materials, such as well-de- signed business cards, will also make a strong impression. Marketing also requires careful strategizing. Sending out direct mail or cold calling in seasons such as winter- time will not be very efective. You need to send out materials or contact build- ing owners when they are most likely to need your services. So, cold calling or sending out direct mail is best in seasons such as when rain storms will likely come and cause issues. Enhance Credibility Memberships in local, regional, and national trade associations will increase the professional credibility of your company. Membership in an organization refects your level of commitment to your feld of work. To establish further credibility, consider becoming certifed with the Better Business Bureau and part of business review sites, such as Angie's List. Many prospects use these sources to gauge bidding companies' reputations and levels of expertise. Local organiza- tions, such as chambers of commerce, can help in building up your referral network, too. You can make connec- tions that ft your target demographic and establish relationships that lead to future jobs. Develop Your Skills and Obtain Support W hen you've established a relation- ship w ith a prospect, you have to be prepared to close the sa le. W hether you're ex per ienced or new to the business, you can a lways improve your sa les sk ills. Consider going to sa les seminars or using ex pert mater ia ls to better your technique. It may feel like a waste of time, but don't forget that closing just one extra commercia l or industr ia l project a month w ill make a huge difference. A contractor suppor t net work can a lso present inva luable resources and suppor t for g row ing your business. A nationa l suppor t net work w i l l g ive you access to contractors w i l ling to share helpf u l infor mation or solid tips for g row th, as they won't be d irect ly competing w ith you in your loca l markets. Let It Grow! Te commercial and industrial indus- tries may be tougher markets than residential, but establishing a solid plan and following through with it will bring far greater results. Get started and grow your business the right way, and you just may increase your bottom line in no time! CP Samuel Hostetler g rew his ow n commer- cia l roof ing business to $1. 3 mi l l ion in sa les w it hin t he f irst 18 mont hs of his t ransit ion f rom resident ia l roof ing to commercia l work . In 2008 , he saw t he need for more commercia l roof cont ractors who have t he r ight t ra ining and mentorship. Hostet ler later co-founded Choice Roof Cont ractor Group to help roof ing compa- nies become more successf u l in t he commercia l market by prov id ing f ree lead generat ion and f u l l suppor t, whi le a lso better ser v ing businesses w it h reputable commercia l roof cont ractors who prov ide l ifet ime ser v ice g uarantees bac ked by t he nat ion- w ide net work . For more infor mat ion, contact: Choice Roof Cont ractor Group, (406) 210-3168 , w w w.ChoiceRoofCont Photo courtesy of Top Roof Marketing Contractor's Corner

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