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COATINGSPRO MAY 2015 47 compliance with the HCS. As new SDSs are received, there should be a process in place to review them and determine whether any handling procedures need to change to protect against the hazards of these chemicals. Using information on the SDS efectively will make safer workplace conditions a standard business practice on your worksites. The Win-Win Whether you need to establish or maintain your hazard communication program consistent with HazCom 2012, take the time and expend the necessary resources to ensure your employees are protected from potential chemi- cal hazards at your worksite(s). Te value and rewards for doing so could be immeasurable to your company: It will keep you in compliance with what OSHA expects from you and keep your company out of their "cross-hairs," and it may keep costs down for non-com- pliance. More importantly, it will demonstrate to your current and poten- tial customers that your company has taken the time and provided the means necessary to ensure that your employees and their facilities are protected against unnecessary chemical hazards and potentially costly workplace incidents. Your company's ability to complete the contractor pre-qualifcation questionnaire, without any doubts regarding your understanding and your compliance with HazCom 2012 as well as demonstrating it, will surely be noteworthy in the overall evaluation of your compliance eforts and abilities. Tose are traits that any responsible employer would embrace as value-add characteristics of a responsible, pro-ac- tive contractor. CP For more information on HazCom 2012, check out the 2015 Safety Supplement. Jack Fearing, Cer t if ied Professiona l Env ironmenta l Aud itor (CPE A), is t he manag- ing par t ner of Fear ing Inter nat iona l Group LLC, a globa l occupat iona l and av iat ion safet y consu lt ing f ir m. He has more t han 30 years of e x tensive e x per ience in occupat iona l safet y and hea lt h compl iance in t he const r uct ion, manufact ur ing , chemica l , phar maceut ica l , and defense indust r ies. He is a professiona l member of t he A mer ican Societ y of Safet y Eng ineers (A SSE) and has held severa l leadership posit ions at t he loca l and nat iona l level. He is a g raduate of t he Universit y of Massachusetts and Boston Universit y and an OSH A-Aut hor i zed 501 Genera l Indust r y 10/30 Hour inst r uctor. For more infor- mat ion, contact: Jac k Fear ing , (908) 303-8359, jac k@fear ing-inter nat iona Safety Watch YOU KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT NO FLASH RUST = A CLEAN SURFACE HoldTight®102 is the standard of performance for preventing fash rust. ◗ NO SALT. Removes all contaminants ◗ NO RUST. Leaves a rust-free surface for 48 hours or more—often 3 to 5 days ◗ NO DETECTABLE RESIDUE. There is nothing left on the surface that might interfere with your coating. Among rust preventers and salt removers, HoldTight®102 is the most widely used, reliable, time-proven, lab- tested, feld-tested, recommended and approved by coating companies. Call, email or visit our website today to see why HoldTight®102 is the best option for lowcost, easy-to-achieve, and easy-to-measure contaminant-free surface preparation. Contact us today! International +1 713 266 9339 1 800 319 8802 (Toll Free in N. America) Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #255 Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #16 4

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