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MAY 2015

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50 MAY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Major Jam Te beleaguered food processing company called Carolina Management Team, LLC (CMT) to get them out of a major jam. Wendy Banks co-owns the High Point, N.C.-based frm with her brother David Van Zee. Te two grew up with paint brushes in their hands — father George Van Zee restored houses — and learned frsthand the value of proper prep. Wendy recalls a formative meeting prior to the 2003 founding of CMT. Te trio sat around the kitchen table, and the sister and brother soaked up their dad 's advice. "Dad told us we needed to know about a certain organiza- tion," said Wendy. "He disappeared into the basement and 15 minutes later came back with a thick red binder. It was dusty, moldy, and had spots on the pages, but it turned out to be an old NACE Coatings Inspector Training & Certifcation [CIP] handbook. Tat book helped us get the education we needed to run a successful coatings company. As with many things in life, Dad could see things before we could." Her brother, now a NACE CIP Level 3 coatings inspector, oversees daily operations while Wendy runs CMT's business end. She fnds it ironic that when the wastewater tank frst began leaking several years ago, CMT bid and nearly won the project. "We lost by less than a thousand dollars," Banks said. "It was a price decision, we understand that, but we feel the problems trace back to surface preparation. Specifcations called for a NACE No. 2/SSPC-SP-10 [Society for Protective Coatings Surface Preparation]: Near-W hite Metal Blast, and judging by the photographs, it doesn't look like they got that. We would have properly prepared the surface like Dad taught us." From what CMT could tell, the failures resulted from improper surface preparation. They had 11 days to come in, remove any old coatings, prepare the steel, and apply the new system. Wastewater Tank Fix TesT for sal T s remove sal T s PrevenT flash rus T Chlor * rid ® • • 800.422.3217 Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #142

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