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COATINGSPRO MAY 2015 53 said. "But COPOXY SHOP PRIMER can't be applied below 40° F [4.4° C], and we didn't have those conditions. So we went with DURA-PLATE 235 (thinned 15 percent with Sherwin-Williams R7K104 Reducer) because it can go down to 0° F [-18° C] and is very moisture tolerant. Te tradeof is that you only have a 48-hour recoat window." Te short recoat window meant blasting and priming to a stricter schedule. To accomplish this, the crew brought in their Graco EcoQuip wet abrasive blaster to run along with their Clemco dry abrasive blaster. Both machines ran medium-grit Black Beauty. Te crew added HoldTight 102 Flash Rust Preventer at a 50:1 ratio to help hold the blast. To stay within the 48-hour recoat window, the crew blasted and primed the top half of the tank in one day, and did the bottom half the next day at 1–1.5 mils (25–38 microns) approximate dry flm thickness (DFT). Hey, nobody wants to watch a million dollars circle down the drain because a missed recoat window led to wasting time abrading the entire tank interior as per manufacturer's specs! On a Roll Morning broke bright and clear on the project's last day. CMT was on a roll, but if they didn't get the 60-mil (1,524 microns) topcoat down before nightfall, they'd fnd themselves in a real pickle. Te SHERFLEX S data sheet says the quick-set polyurethane can achieve 60 mils (1,524 microns) in a single application. But Prontaut, always thinking one step ahead, knew he couldn't count on that high of a build in every situation. " We originally thought we might do it in one pass, so we did a test patch at 60 mils [1,524 microns]," said Prontaut. "It actually hung for five minutes but then started sag ging on us, so we made the decision right there to go w ith two 30 -mil [762 microns] passes. Luckily, we have a guy named Taylor Sandoval who sprays almost all of our SHER FLEX . If he hasn't sprayed more SHER FLEX than anyone in the countr y, he's probably in the top 10!" Sandoval fred up his trusty Graco Hydra-Cat plural compo- nent rig and dialed in his Graco Silver gun armed with a 535 tip. He began building thickness with crosshatch sweeps, 15 mils (381 microns) in each direction. Borrowing a page from the abrasive blaster's book, he built the top half of the tank to 30 mils (762 microns), did the bottom half, then jumped back to the top and worked his way back to the bottom. "SHER FLEX is a ver y quick-set product that lays dow n nicely and gives you a smooth finish on steel," Prontaut explained. "But it has a bit of open time, so we wanted to give it a good opportunity to set up so we didn't have to worr y Wastewater Tank Fix Engineered for long-term superior performance, HP SPartacot E ® polyaspartic foor coating systems are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding heavy-traffc environments. advanced resinous Flooring Limited installation downtime: rapid return to service fooring systems n completely seamless and impermeable fooring n Voc free and no low odor n resistant to acids, oils and grease n Non-skid a-5799-0315 ©2015 LatIcrEtE International, Inc. all trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners. 866.966.1329 A product brand of LATICRETE International, Inc. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #365

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