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Feature 62 MAY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM BY STEPHANIE MARIE CHIZIK PHOTOS COURTESY OAK RIDGE FOAM & COATINGS T he end of the year marks several milestones for people in the United States and abroad. Here, in the last few months of every year, our calendars are usually quite full. From Tanksgiving to New Years, Christmas to Chanukah, and everything in between, it is a period of celebration and renewal. It's fitting, then, that a company in Jacksonville, Fla., received a new roof coating and a new lease on life and that kicked off in mid-November. T hat the coatings crew working on the recoat traveled from the Finger Lakes region of New York some 1,000 miles (1,609 km) south to the Florida/ Georgia line was just the whipped cream on the Pilgrim- inspired pumpkin pie! But what happens in Florida doesn't necessarily stay in Florida. And when 10 inches (25.4 cm) of rain bombarded the client's roof in 48 hours while the crew was home for the holiday, Tanksgiving break turned into anything but a stress- free vacation. Vacation Cut Short At about 106,0 0 0 squ a re feet (9,8 4 8 m² ), t his commerc ia l roof had a l a rge sur face a rea for my r iad problems — a nd problems it had. T he roof, whic h covered a pl a za hold ing a va r iet y of stores, was about 15 yea rs old. Core sa mples showed t hat t he roof had received va r ious prev ious coat ings systems over t he yea rs — none of whic h seemed to work. T he l atest roof system, in fact, was f l a k y a nd d r y; it was crac k ing of f t he sur face. T hat might be a g reat descr ipt ion for Mom's never-fa i l pie cr ust, but it 's not e x act ly what a nyone wa nts on t heir roof ! So, when the crew from WeatherTight Installations came onto the job, they had a lot of "ground " to cover. Teir clients were unhappy with the leaky roof, and they wanted a solution that would work. Te solution: spray polyurethane foam (SPF) Coatings With a Side of Spray Foam for Florida Roof ROOF POLYUREA CONCRETE SPF

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