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MAY 2015

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Feature 68 MAY 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM No Salt Added: Containment for Oilfeld Disposal Wells PHOTOS COURTESY RAVEN LINING SYSTEMS BY CLAIRE TRAGESER STEEL CONCRETE T here are a few things Texas is known for — football, red meat, and cowboy boots might come to mind — but one of the big ones is oil. Texas oil comes from reservoirs that are tucked away in porous rock formations. Problem is, those reservoirs come with a side of salt water — a lot of salt water. Tex as law requires that the sa lt water produced when oi l is har vested be d isposed of cor rect ly. Cor rect d isposa l means the sa lt water cannot get into sur face or underg round water and pol lute it. T he main way oi l companies go about d ispos - ing of sa lt water is by injecting it back where it came f rom: into underg round porous rock for mations that are isolated f rom other g roundwater. Tis is where Buda, Texas-based Lewis Concrete Restoration Corporation comes in. More Coatings T he company of 28 employees ma kes containment systems for these wel ls. "Te facility is a salt water disposal site, and they're taking salt water disposal and pumping it down into their permitted wells," said Aaron Hofman, the technical sales director for Lewis Concrete Restoration Corporation. "If they were to have any accidents or spills or anything, it's essential that they have that containment barrier." Lew is Concrete Restoration was contracted to insta l l a Siou x DuraLife secondar y containment wa l l and apply a monolithic poly urea liner to it. A nd that containment was impor tant. If there were any spi l ls f rom the f i lter pots, dow nhole pumps, or booster pumps at the oi l f ield, their secondar y containment wa l l wou ld have to put a stop to them. Te wall itself is 12-gauge galvanized metal. It's a 45-inch POLYUREA SECONDARY CONTAINMENT

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