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COATINGSPRO MAY 2015 77 Comments and Recommendations T he chemica l composition and state of cure cou ld not be compared in a good versus bad ex amination to deter mine if the coating(s) applied had any cure or chemica l abnor ma l- ities due to the inabi lit y to f ind an area that was not ex hibiting ad hesion fai lure and /or was not prev iously removed. It shou ld be noted that the consistenc y of an inadequately applied coating on a preex isting glossy and d ir t y sur face was obser ved throughout the bui ld ing f rom room to room and coating to coating. It wou ld be extremely unlikely that ever y coating and pr imer used contained abnor ma lities that led to the same for m of ad hesion fai lure found throughout the bui ld ing. As a coatings applicator, this project proves that it is very important to use and follow the manufacturer's recommended products and applica- tion procedures, including surface preparation requirements. It would also be recommended that the appli- cator utilize a NACE International or Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) coating inspector during the coatings application to ensure that quality workmanship is completed. Tis type of situation shows that quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) can be crucial. CP George T. Bayer, Ph.D., is technica l manager of t he Coat ings Group at Matco Ser v ices, Inc. where he has been employed for more t han 13 years. His e x per ience inc ludes fa i lure ana lysis, character i za- t ion, and test ing of organic and meta l l ic coat ings, env ironmenta l e x posure test ing , aqueous and high-temperat ure cor rosion, meta l l ic and non-me- ta l l ic mater ia ls, chemica l ana lysis, and project management. He has aut hored or co-aut hored more t han 25 technica l papers and hold s f ive U. S. patents. Dr. Bayer is a member of t he Societ y for Protect ive Coat ings, A SM Inter nat iona l , and t he A mer ican Chemica l Societ y. Tom Thomas, senior meta l log raphic and elasto- mer specia l ist of Matco's Mater ia ls Eng ineer ing Div ision, has more t han 18 years of e x per ience conduct ing test ing in indust r y. He has worked w it h var ious t y pes of mater ia ls and projects, inc lud ing coat ings, elastomers, meta l lurg ica l invest igat ions, poly v inyl ch lor ide (PVC) pipes, t ransmission towers, and computer and r ubber components. He has e x amined a w ide var iet y of product fa i lures and has e x tensive e x per ience w it h meta l log raphic and elastomer test ing. For more infor mat ion, contact: Matco Ser v ices, (800) 221-9090, w w Photo 4. This micrograph shows the condition of the backside of the delaminated coating same from Area No. 2. Photo 5. This cross-sectional micrograph shows a coating sample from Area No. 2, with coating thickness measurement of only one coating layer and extensive porosity, which is an indicator of improper application and curing. Elementary School Coatings Failures

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