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COATINGSPRO MAY 2015 81 Introducing the ECHO 9 Danatronics is pleased to announce its latest new product introduction: the ECHO 9 Ser ies of u ltrasonic thick ness gages. T he ECHO 9 ser ies combines more than 50 years of u ltra- sonic k now-how into an extremely versati le and easy-to -use u ltrasonic thick ness gage. Pack aged in a custom desig ned IP67-rated case, the ECHO 9 ser ies combines both a cor rosion and precision thick ness gage into one unit. In its most popu lar conf ig ura- tion, ECHO 9 ser ies is an extremely capable u ltrasonic thick ness gage used pr imar i ly for measur ing the wa l l thick ness of meta l str uctures subject to cor rosion. Key features of the ECHO 9 include: • 3.5" (9 cm) sunlight readable color display • Re-chargeable lithium ion battery via USB port • 32-character file name and 20-character ID with essentially unlimited memory via removable SD card with up to 32 GB • Wide thickness range of 0.006–23" (0.02–58 cm) in steel, depending on probe and mode of operation • Graphic display with multiple on-screen languages • Field upgradable software options for Datalogger with b-scan, real time a-scan, and precision gaging 0.0001" or 0.001 mm resolution For more information, contact: Datatronics, (978) 777-0081, Reader Inquiry # 3526 Titan Expands TR1 Line of Tips Titan is expanding its line of premium TR1 tips, now ofering reversible TR1 tips for high-pressure spray- ers (5,000–7,700 psi, or 35–53 MPa) built to handle heav y viscosity materials, such as specialty coatings for corrosion control, cold applied roofng, waterproof- ing, and marine protective coatings. Titan TR1 High-Pressure tips are designed for spraying the heavi- est coatings at high pressures and to exceed contractor expectations for fnish and performance. W hat makes TR1 tips diferent is technology that enables a consistent fan pattern width — from the frst gallon to the last. Tey feature long-lasting orifces that spray a uniform coating thickness for the life of the tip, wasting less material. And contractors know that when there are fewer passes and less wasted material, the profts are higher. "Our TR1 tip cut technology is second to none," said Chris Noto, product director for Titan. "We developed these tips and the technology behind them so the fan pattern stays the same width through- out the life of the tip, thus performing better than all others." For more information, contact, (800) 526-5362, Reader Inquiry # 3527 Larson Electronics Reveals New Design for Its LED Drop Light Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics has revealed a new design for its 3-foot (0.9 m) 14-watt light-emitting diode (LED) drop light. Tese drop lights are suitable for civilian and military shelters, general maintenance, construc- tion, aircraft interiors, emergency shelters, and ship yards. Te FTL-3-LED-25 is a 14-watt LED task light that ofers cooler operat- ing temperatures and longer lamp life than traditional incandescent or fuorescent drop lights. Constructed to be completely weatherproof and impact resistant, this LED drop light sacrifces no light output or quality to obtain these features. Te drop light is shock resistant, making it durable enough to withstand drops, falls, and rough handling. Equipped with a 50,000-hour LED T8 lamp, this LED drop light is designed to operate at cooler operating temperatures than conventional incandescent and fuores- cent lights to reduce the chance of fre and burns. "Te new design of our LED drop light is lightweight, durable, and provides operators with a more functional source of light," said Rob Bresnahan with For more information, contact: Larson Electronics, (800) 369-6671, www. Reader Inquiry # 3528 One-Part Pourable Sealant GAF's M-Tane One-Part Pourable Sealant is a moisture-cure polyether sealant designed for use with the M-Curb Pitch-Pan System in built-up and modifed bitumen roof systems. With no mixing required, contractors can more quickly and efciently apply the product, saving valuable time and money while creating less waste. Since moisture-cure sealants cure with moisture in the air, it is suitable for application in damp and cold as well as dry climates. It also ofers excel- lent adhesion to most construction materials and accommodates greater movement than typical urethane sealants. M-Tane One-Part Pourable New Products & Services

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