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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2015 27 engineers, contractors, and inspectors to be up to date on all revisions. Tis and any other revised standard should be discussed at a pre-job meeting and an addendum added to the specifcation if a change is made. Tere are numerous other standards, technical updates, and guides that are not mentioned in this article. Tat doesn't imply that they are not needed in a project specifcation. If they are pertinent to the project at hand, inclusion is a must for a properly defned project specifcation. It is not just the specifying engineer's respon- sibility to avoid taking the path of least resistance; qualifed and certifed coating inspectors and qualifed and certifed contractors should educate both themselves and their employees of these updates as well. The Future Organizations such as SSPC, NACE International, American Concrete Institute (ACI), ICRI, and others ofer courses that educate and stimulate the creativity of students who thirst for knowledge and change within our industry. Worldwide, these students are the future specifying engineers, contractors, and coating inspectors (for concrete and metal) that will aid the high-performance coating industry to take a new and diferent path. Tis new path may be resisted, but it might be a path that helps all of us to break bad habits and see a bold new direc- tion: exceptional, well-written, and non-boiler-plated specifcations. CP Randy Glover is t he president and ow ner of O.T.B. Technolog ies, Inc., located in Tooele, Uta h. He has more t han 45 years in t he coat ings and sur face preparat ion indust r y, beg inning in automobi le restorat ion /pa int ing /inspect ion, cont inu ing on to a ircraf t pa int ing /inspect ion, t hen to heav y indust r ia l sur face preparat ion, pa int ing , and inspect ion. His consu lt ing c l ients have inc luded Intel , t he cit y of Phoeni x , and t he A r i zona Depar t ment of Cor rect ions. He was t he chief coat ings consu ltant for t he Card ina l footba l l stad ium in Glend a le, A r i z., and he was respon- sible for coat ing select ion, recommend at ions for sur face preparat ion, and coat ing appl icat ion techniques as wel l as inspect ion techniques for concrete and st r uct ura l steel on t he stat ionar y mov ing roof, outside stad ium sk in, food ser v ice areas, scoreboard s, and play ing f ield . He is an act ive member of NACE , SSPC, t he A STM D01.46 subcommittee, and a member of t he sur face preparat ion committee for ICR I. For more infor mat ion, contact: O.T.B. Technolog ies, Inc., otb2003@hot ma i, w w Money Matters Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #106

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