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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2015 31 for a report to come in at the end of the work day, as soon as it is sent, the safety manager will be aware that an incident occurred. W hether the event takes place in a diferent part of the ofce, across town, or in another state, the safety manager can take immediate action. If the incident occurs nearby, the site can be visited for further analysis or, if other departments will be afected by an event at a particu- lar location, the safety manager can alert the heads of those departments to delay activity until the situation is resolved. On the fip side of the scafolding fall example, digital safety report- ing can also focus on positive safety. W hile a paper reporting method does not easily lend itself to acknowledg- ing safety excellence, a digital system makes the process simple. If coworkers or managers spot an employee taking extra care to follow safety protocols, a quick text message and photo can be sent for documentation. Te employee going above and beyond to ensure his or her safety, the safety of coworkers, and the reputation and success of the company can later be commended for his or her eforts. Not to mention, these types of programs can help calculate how many days have passed without any safety-related incidents. Benefits for All Overall, companies need to evaluate current safety incident reporting methods and determine whether the number of reports being filed accurately represents the number of incidents that are likely occurring on a regular basis. If numbers are low compared to historic reports or no reports are being filed at all, it may be time to implement a digital reporting system. Oftentimes, companies find that sw itching from paper to digital reports results in more incidents being reported w ith more valuable data, and, as a result, workplaces turn into safer working environments w ith greater productivity. CP R o b S w e e n e y, w ho s e c a re e r h a s s p a n n e d m ore t h a n 3 0 y e a r s , h a s s t a r t e d s e v e r a l b u s i n e s s e s a nd h a s h e l d s a l e s a nd s e n i or m a n a g e m e nt p o s i t i o n s a t a v a r i e t y of t e c h no l- o g y c o m p a n i e s . I n 2010 , Sw e e n e y s t a r t e d M o b i l e I n no v a t i o n s L L C a nd b e g a n w or k i nv e nt i n g t h e M e s s a g e Q u b e , a c e l lu l a r w i re l e s s p r i nt e r t h a t i s p a r t of t h e e m e r g i n g " I nt e r n e t of T h i n g s" i nd u s t r y. For m ore i n for m a t i o n , c o nt a c t : R o b Sw e e n e y, (8 16) 7 2 8 - 8 2 7 9 , ro b @ t e x t c a s t e r. c o m Safety Watch YOU KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT NO FLASH RUST = A CLEAN SURFACE HoldTight®102 is the standard of performance for preventing fash rust. ◗ NO SALT. Removes all contaminants ◗ NO RUST. Leaves a rust-free surface for 48 hours or more—often 3 to 5 days ◗ NO DETECTABLE RESIDUE. There is nothing left on the surface that might interfere with your coating. Among rust preventers and salt removers, HoldTight®102 is the most widely used, reliable, time-proven, lab- tested, feld-tested, recommended and approved by coating companies. Call, email or visit our website today to see why HoldTight®102 is the best option for lowcost, easy-to-achieve, and easy-to-measure contaminant-free surface preparation. Contact us today! International +1 713 266 9339 1 800 319 8802 (Toll Free in N. America) Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #16 4 Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #369

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