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COATINGSPRO NOVEMBER 2015 37 rentals from United Rentals. A ll scissor lifts onsite had safety railings, so it was not necessary for the crew to tie of. As stated by Tompson, the crew was properly trained and certifed to operate the equipment and knew the safety concerns and risks they would have to negotiate. Standard Waterproofng is committed to keeping their employees safe, and each year it hires a third-party safety company to re-train and certify all employees on the use of aerial lifts. Lessons Learned As with all jobs, there were lessons that the crew learned that will help make future projects run smoother. For example, all materials were delivered directly to the jobsite, a factor that made things very convenient in the beginning of the job but presented a bit of a challenge at the conclusion of the project. "We had to transport all the empty barrels away from the jobsite. We had more than 120 empty drums — this was a challenge that we should have seen coming but didn't. We now know for the future to fully think that aspect of the job through when we are not transporting materials ourselves," stated Tompson. As far as quality control issues, the crew also had to be cognizant of any low points in the application of the intumes- cent coating. "Te coating is applied relatively thinly, so we needed to make sure that we did not have any low spots throughout the application area. Two things helped us to visually inspect the intumescent coating: the foam is green and the intumescent paint is white, so if there was any green showing through, we knew that we needed to correct that particular area. A lso, taking a step back and looking at the coating from a distance rather than from the applica- tor's perspective was helpful," stated Tompson. Overall, though, according to both Tompson and Nutting, the job was a huge success — no condensation to contend with, a fully-heated warehouse that kept the frigid cold from becom- ing an issue, open space to do the work without maneuvering around other contractors, an experienced crew, and a manufacturer that provides technical support whenever it is needed. "It just really came together on this job," said Tompson. "I really have to hand it to our guys out in the feld. Te crew is very experienced, so we had complete trust that everything from the adhesion tests to the application of the materials was conducted correctly and carefully. Tey care about the job they're doing and the clients we serve." CP Mail Room Redo GMA GARNET GROUP when your abrasive matters! True Cost of Abrasive Blast Cleaning B DISPOSAL COST Lower Cost p er sq/ft Higher Cost per sq/ft A S LA G GMA GA RNE T EQUIPMENT COST LABOR COST ABRASIVE COST Higher Abrasive Cost per Ton Lower Abrasive Cost per Ton Lower Labor Cost Lower Equipment Running cost Lower Disposal Higher Labor Cost Higher Equipment Running cost Higher Disposal Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #300

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