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NOV 2015

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T Cover Story 38 NOVEMBER 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Peak Performance: Coating a Natural Gas Power Plant PHOTOS COURTESY CAPITAL PAINTING & DECORATING, INC. BY CLAIRE TRAGESER T hey go by many names: peaking power plants, peaker plants, and sometimes just peakers. But there is no change in the important role these power plants play. Teir power supply is only called upon when there is more need for electricity, usually during peak hours in summer afternoons. Because these power plants are only used when they are really needed, the electricity they put out is much more expensive. So when Naperville, Ill.-based Capital Painting & Decorating, Inc. got a coating job at one of these peaker plants, the crew knew they would be doing important work. And this was not just any peaker plant; it is owned by one of the nation's largest power generation companies in the United States. Te client, which wishes to remain unnamed, has plants that produce power generation by solar, natural gas, coal, and hydro- electric. Tis peaker power plant in particular was natural gas. Stacks, Pipes, and Structural Steel Scott Miller started Capital Painting & Decorating with his twin brother, Mike, and between the two of them, they have more than 20 years of experience. Scott said his company has done several jobs for this power plant client, and he hopes to do many more. "We've been working with them for years; they just keep hiring us back because they know what kind of work we do," he said. "Tey have multiple facilities that we've worked at, too, in the past through- out the Midwest." Tat meant that on this job, the company's reputation was on the line. Te job entailed applying various industrial coatings through- out the power plant — on pipelines, exhaust stacks, control rooms, transformers, fre hydrants, water storage tanks, steel foors, parking lot striping, steel buildings, and other structural steel. STEEL POLYURETHANES PIPELINE TANK

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