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58 NOVEMBER 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM much capacity was to wait until summer peak demand abated. Tat meant the lion's share of Alpine's work would take place during fall's shorter days and colder temperatures. Ofsharick knew the crazy-complicated scafold system would take weeks to set up. In addition, the tank 's top was crowned with an array of communication antennas and dishes. W hile some gear could be temporarily relocated to an 80-foot (24.4 m) monopole nearby, critical emergency service antennas and microwave dishes had to remain in place and in use. To help monitor and protect themselves from excessive radio frequency/ electromagnetic energy (RF/EME) exposure, the crew would clip Narda Radman monitors to their Guardian safety harnesses. It was a tough project and a tight schedule, but if A lpine's eight-man crew could perform up to their usual high standards, they'd turn over the tank to MWD within the 180-day deadline. Sure, this Massapequa tank would likely never win a " fairest of the fair" crown, but it would sport a bulletproof coating designed to keep rust at bay for years to come! And for many in the industry, that's the inherent beauty of any coating system. Sky-High Catwalk A lpine selected Yonkers-based Rockledge Scafolding Corporation to provide access to the nine-legged tower. W hile Rockledge worked, the A lpine crew readied the tank top. "We removed and relocated several cell phone towers and positioned them atop the monopole," said Alpine Co-Owner Sam Scaturro. "To deal with the antennas and microwave dishes that could not be removed, we installed a roof containment system that allowed for whip antennas to protrude. Te microwave In addition to coating the ex terior of the tank , the crew al s o lined the riser. They abra sive bla sted it and then spray-applied 4–8 mils (101.6–203.2 microns) total DFT of Tnemec Series N140. Long Island Water Tank SealTec Polyurea Coatings for Industrial and Oilfeld Applications PROTECTION AGAINST: Acids Fertilizers Alcohols Ketones Alkali Lye Aromatics Oils Bleaches Salts Chemicals Solvents Detergents Wastewater Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #37 1

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