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64 NOVEMBER 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Never Again Shown here is ferrous blasting material imbedded in a coating applied to an aluminum substrate. The cut with a Tooke gage was made to somewhat qualify if the contamination was just topical. Coatings Failures: Blowing in the Wind By D. Terr y Greenfield, Principal Consultant with CorroMetrics Services, Inc. So often, in the hurry to accomplish work on schedule, we overlook conditions that can be extremely detrimental to the fnal installed coating flm, and it ultimately causes huge setbacks. T he comic Ron W hite said during a routine about hurricanes, "It's not that the wind is blowing, it's what the wind is blowing." A lthough that punch line was intended more in regard to high-speed wind blowing lawn furni- ture, tree limbs, small automobiles, and other such items, the message can apply to the arena of industrial painting as well. Te wind can blow many things that can create problems during the painting efort. A recent investigation started with a phone call about a ship's alumi- num superstructure that had been recently painted and now was exhibit- ing rust staining on the bright white painted surface. Considering that the substrate was aluminum, the direction toward the cause of the rust staining quickly pointed to embedded ferrous debris within the painted surface. Te investigation confrmed that signifcant amounts of debris, both ferrous metallic and other materials, were embedded within the coating flm. Further investigation confrmed that abrasive blasting of other ships had occurred simultaneously in close proximity to the ship during the time the coating was applied to the alumi- num superstructure. So often, in the hurr y to accom- plish work on schedule, we overlook conditions that can be extremely detri- mental to the final installed coating film, and it ultimately causes huge setbacks. Most of our environmental requirements tend to focus around environmental conditions other than w ind. Painting when temperatures are not w ithin the manufacturer's specified parameters is a classic example. Humidity, ty pically excessive humidity, is another situation that we know can lead to problems w ith the installed coating film as well. But the application parameter that is often overlooked w ith great consequence is excessive w ind speed during coating application. Photos courtesy of CorroMetrics Services

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