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68 NOVEMBER 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Hard Work & Craftsmanship K eeping the residents of Washington state comfort- able and dry is no easy task, especially given the record population growth of the Emerald City and surrounding suburbs, but Philip Brenchley, owner of Trinity Waterproofng, is up for the challenge. "I started in the construction industry when I was 18 as a summer job then went to college for two years as an engineer," Brenchley noted. Married at 22 and with his frst child born by the time he was 24, he knew steady business was the only way to provide for his young family. After a stint working for a developer who solely built churches, Brenchley was faced with slowing work and young children, so he got a job with a tenant improvement company doing estimates, and he witnessed a huge demand in the area for water- proofng. Tat eventually forged a path for his venture. "I started Trinity Waterproofng 8 to 10 years ago with just me and one to two guys doing decks and small jobs," Brenchley said. "Now we're doing a lot of condo conver- sions and have grown from a core of 7 employees up to 20 in just two years." Brenchley credits much of his success to building a "good name/reputation, doing quality work, making sure you don't complain, and don't argue." Valued Employees Currently, Trinity Waterproofng is primarily doing mitigation work with 80 percent of its projects being multi- family buildings. Te record population infux into Seattle and Tacoma has led to countless hastily constructed condo complexes and apartment buildings converted too quickly into condos, in Brenchley's opinion. "You see 5- to 30-year-old condos needing everything from touchups to replacing windows and doors, redoing patios, and repairing moisture damage, as well as foundation work, courtyards, and planters," explained Brenchley. Te Trinity Waterproofng team utilizes mostly urethane coatings as well as the occasional peel-and-stick membrane product. One of Trinity Waterproofng's most notable projects is an ongoing massive mixed-use complex in Tacoma, Wash., renovating the former Superfund site of a copper smelting plant. W hat began as just a single phase in 2008 has expanded to myriad residential and commercial buildings, including a hotel and movie theater. "Te biggest challenge right now isn't fnding work; it's that we can't fnd enough employees," Brenchley noted with a laugh. In the waterproofng industry in the Pacifc Northwest, "we chase the sun, but it's a lot easier to get work done. In the fall and winter, we have to put up tents to protect our work in rain and cold. We need to value employees in the winter so they stick around through summer. I lose money in the winter because I take care of my employees, but it's worth it because it's a very technical and specifc feld." Managing Money As far as advice to impart, Brenchley noted that getting started in this indus- try can be tough, but with the proper guidance, advice, determination, and self-control, a solid career may be made. "People want to be entrepreneurs when they're young, but as you get older, you begin to appreciate the predictability of an established business." He added that " it can be a difcult lifestyle, especially if you wouldn't get paid for two months, then get paid for four, and you need to learn to manage that — don't go buy a Harley with your frst paycheck!" While money management and the work/life balance can be tough, "In a nutshell it pays of," Brenchley said. "All your hard work, if you keep focused, it pays of. If you're diligent and pay yourself a set salary no matter how well things are going, you work hard for a lot of years before it pays of," he explained. For the future, Brenchley has a trusted foreman in the field and can go weeks w ithout needing to visit a particular jobsite. "Before I was a dad, I wanted to go out and have fun and party. But once I looked at my kids, I realized Top R amen is fine for me but not so much for my kids." Now that his children are adults, he can enjoy extensive scuba diving trips both locally in the Puget Sound as well as in Hawaii. A nd his family is doing well, too. He concluded by noting, "It gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and go." CP By Christa Youngpeter Hard Work Pays Of ProFile: Philip Brenchley

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