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NOV 2015

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82 NOVEMBER 2015 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Industry Insight C oncrete is a long-lasting and durable material that, with proper use and mainte- nance, can serve its use for 50 to more than 200 years. However, concrete needs repair, protection, and strengthening due to deterioration, damage, defects, and required changes in use or code upgrades. Te growth of the concrete repair industry over the past three decades has resulted in the need for many improvements in materials, design practice, installation proce- dures, contracting processes, quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) procedures, education, and more. And there are developments in the industry to meet these needs. A Look Ahead Tese needs are addressed in Vision 2020, an initiative established by the ACI Foundation's Strategic Development Council and supported by the American Concrete Institute, the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), and other industry leaders to address the concrete repair industry's strategic priorities. Vision 2020 defnes the most important industry issues and needs. Contractors and engineers are able to use the document to better under- stand the current state of the concrete repair industry. Tis vision — and the goals related to achieving it — are the basis for moving forward and helping industry organizations, research estab- lishments, and educational institutions to accelerate progress in the concrete repair industry. One of the aims of Vision 2020 was to create repair/rehabilitation code requirements to establish evaluation, design, material, and feld and inspec- tion practices that raise the level of performance of repair and protection systems. Together with participation from members of ICRI, the American Concrete Institute supported this goal by publishing "Code Requirements for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings (ACI 562-13) and Commentary," which provides the practitioner with proper design, material, and construction information. Te ACI 562 code requirements provide standards for evaluating existing concrete buildings and the subsequent structural repair, rehabil- itation, and strengthening of those buildings. Te code provides rules for determining strength of in situ material, performing structural analy- sis, designing repairs for strength and durability, establishing require- ments for stability and shoring of construction, and providing inspection and testing of repairs. Commentary provides application guidance as well as references for additional information. Counting on Teamwork ACI and ICRI continue to collaborate on developing the most advanced and highest quality resources. Working also with the Strategic Development Council, the three organizations have jointly published a new manual titled, "Guide to the Code for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings," published this past summer. Tis manual for concrete industry professionals provides guidance and assistance to professionals engaged in the repair of concrete buildings, and it has been developed to serve as an invaluable companion to the ACI 562 code requirements. Te new manual is separated into two main components: Chapter Guides and Project Examples. Tese sections work together to provide additional information on how to interpret the performance requirements in ACI 562 and how the requirements may be applied to a broad range of projects. Te guide's real-world project examples illustrate the use of the code for concrete building repair, rehabilitation, or strengthening projects from incep- tion through completion. The Right Tools W hether it's the American Concrete Institute, the International Concrete Repair Institute, or a collaboration initiative, there are several diferent forthcoming updates and changes in the concrete world that will continue to provide leadership and collaboration opportunities for concrete repair indus- try leaders, delivering the necessary tools and resources for everyone in the concrete repair industry. CP By Ronald G. Burg, Executive Vice President, American Concrete Institute with Kelly M. Page, Executive Director, International Concrete Repair Institute Advances in Concrete Repair

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