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MAR 2016

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2016 23 Even further down the line, the ripple efect on employee morale can be seen in absenteeism, turnover, and injury. Insufficient, Lost, or Stolen Tools and Equipment Teft of tools and other building supplies is a problem for virtually all contractors. Tefts are most often done by employees at the site or by thieves walking onto a jobsite, impersonat- ing workers. W hile each individual theft may not amount to a large dollar amount, the cumulative efect of the loss plus the loss of productivity while replacing the missing items can amount to a signifcant sum. Tere have been several indepen- dent studies done to test the cost of poor management of equipment and tools on the jobsite. Some of the studies indicate that the average contractor experiences one to two percent of the dollar value of tool inventory lost per jobsite. Another study states that more than 35 percent of all construction sites have major slippages of 20 percent or more caused by poor tool management. So given the issues that can arise from poor planning and lack of asset management, what can you do to combat these problems that won't cost you a large investment? Pre-Work Planning W hile planning takes time out of the direct production day, it forestalls many of the issues that cause delays on the job. Tis function often consists of a document that must be flled out by the foreman or lead supervisor who reviews such things as goals for the time period (day/week/month) and the schedule and resources necessary to achieve these goals. Te pre-planning process should be designed to evalu- ate potential risks and to minimize them. Items covered in this planning process include: • Tasks: What must be accomplished and in what order to assure the goals are met? • Tools and Equipment: What tools, materials, and equipment need to be on the jobsite and when so that the crew can perform the tasks? Are they readily available? Where are they? • Training and Safety: Are the employees who are assigned to the job properly trained? If there are complex operations or special equip- ment used, are the proper employees assigned to the job? Are there any potentially dangerous environmen- tal situations to be dealt with? • Other Logistics: Are there environ- mental conditions, such as weather Money Matters when the going gets tough... we get tougher. Foot traffc, vehicle traffc, heat, cold, the relentless effects of weather... With these kinds of forces stacked against you, it's essential to have a coating that can rise to the challenge - one that you can have confdence in to remain strong and effective no matter how hard you use or abuse it. Wearcoat ® foor coatings defne durability. Easy to apply, easy to clean, non-slip and incredibly tough, Wearcoat ® will give you the edge you need to get the job done - safely and effciently. Call us today or check us out on the web. Our expert staff is ready to help with any coating needs you have... COATINGS FOR INDUSTRY, INC. Call us today – 215-723-0919 Fax 215-723-0911 COAT SG SERIES ANTI-SLIP COATINGS Serving the concrete fooring, structural steel, transportation and aerospace industries for over 35 years. Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #1

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