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MAR 2016

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2016 27 and specifcation development. At this point, the documenta- tion efort and level of detail become extremely important. A recent investi- gation involved a contractor initiating a claim for compensation for additional level of efort that was required to accomplish the project's scope of work. Unfortunately, the contractor could provide no signifcant document to support the claim. Tere were copious amounts of project photographs with none relevant to or demonstrating the additional work efort that was claimed. Tis lack of supporting documentation created a signif- cant problem in the promulgation of the claim. Te best defense to avoid a situa- tion of additional incurred costs not covered under contract is to be proac- tive in the planning prior to execution. If a situation does develop and it cannot be remedied before the work is continued, there are certain things to consider. Te most important one is to never assume you, the contractor, will automatically receive compensation for the work without contract modif- cations or change orders. Ideally, as situations arise, they are resolved and the work progresses with associated payments made. Regardless, the level of documentation, including photography, should clearly communicate the issues and work that was performed that was not part of the scope of the project. If the project value and potential claim value warrant it, the addition of a third party may be invaluable. Tis third party can document the issues and provide a clear picture of the situa- tion. It provides an objective view and focused data collection of the issues, labor, and equipment costs, additional material costs, and overall project impacts, which may include deliv- ery schedule. Impact Awareness Te best approach is to perform all the due diligence necessary and be thoroughly prepared for the execution of the work. W hen problems arise, seek immediate resolution and additional compensation, if warranted. If that resolution is deferred while work continues, thoroughly document the additional efort in real time with the expectation of making a claim for compensation post completion. Trying to recreate the impact post completion is difcult and doesn't always provide the clarity needed to prove factual. Tis could be interpreted as " hoping for the best, but planning for the worst." Truthfully, not all claims are warranted, and many are just an attempt to seek restitution for contrac- tor mistakes made in the bidding process. However, some claims are warranted, and, with the correct approach and diligence, the opportu- nity for restitution is much greater by using supporting evidence to communicate and prove that there was an actual impact to you. CP D. Terry Greenfield is a pr incipa l consu ltant w it h Cor roMet r ics Ser v ices, Inc. Greenf ield has more t han 37 years' e x per ience in t he protect ive coat ings and cor rosion indust r y, prov id ing prog ram and project management, qua l it y assurance, cond it ion assessment and ma intenance planning , specif icat ion development, fa i lure ana lysis, e x per t w it ness, and t ra ining for t he mar ine, t ranspor ta- t ion, oi l and gas, and ot her indust r ies. Greenf ield is a g raduate of t he Universit y of Cent ra l Flor id a. He is a NACE Level III Coat ing Inspector w it h Br idge, Mar ine, and Nuc lear Specia lt ies. He hold s Of fshore and Shipboard Cor rosion A ssessment Technician cer t if icat ions, and he is a Societ y for Protect ive Coat ings (SSPC) Cer t if ied Protect ive Coat ings Specia l ist. For more infor mat ion, contact: Cor roMet r ics Ser v ices, Inc., (251) 4 45-1560, w w w.cor romet r Notes From the Field Environmentally Safe VpCI ® /MCI ® Technologies EXCELLENCE Q U A I T Y ® C O R P O R AT I O N PRODUCTIVITY INVESTMENT AND COST REDUCTION Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #291

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