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MAR 2016

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2016 31 in many areas and dur ing favor- able weather times of the year. T he issue revolves around consistenc y and r isk. Can these conditions be maintained 24 hours a day? Can they be maintained dur ing less than favor- able weather conditions? To ensure the success of the project and life of the coating , many eng ineer ing , inspection, and contracting f ir ms specif y c limate control equipment to ensure that a 17-deg ree dew point d if ferentia l is maintained dur ing the course of their project. Mechanica l solutions are of ten the best and most cost- ef fec- tive strateg y to ensure this level of accurac y. T herefore, it is important to write a good specification that is clear and concise. Some tips for writing the specification might include: • Write a performance specification. • List specifics, such as desired temperatures and dew point as targets. • Use clear language, such as calling for a 17–25° F dew point differen- tial or more at all times. Leaving the specification to ref lect relative humidity alone could be a tricky proposition as RH is affected by temperature changes. • Specify the use of remote monitoring systems to ensure good communica- tion with all parties involved and to create a history of the conditions on the project. Bl a st ing a nd coat ing a steel st r uct u re c a n be a c h a l lenge even u nder t he best cond it ions. Ut i l i zing a spec if ic at ion t h at t a rgets a 17–25° F m in imu m dew point spread prov ides a sa fet y net t h at c a n deter m ine how successf u l a project m ay or m ay not be. It w i l l a lso prov ide a sa fet y net for you r projects, more pred ict able work sc hedu les, improved coat ings qu a l it y, h ig her product iv it y, a nd longer coat ing l ife. Hav ing t h is sa fet y net in pl ace shou ld prov ide you w it h a ga mble -f ree condensat ion e x per ience. CP Russ Brown is cur rent ly t he d irector of Sur face Preparat ion and Coat ings for Polygon and is based out of Ind ianapol is, Ind . Brow n has worked in t he coat ings and const r uct ion indust r y for t he past 33 years in severa l capacit ies and for Polygon for t he past 20 years. Wit hin his cur rent posit ion, Brow n has been responsible for developing and implement ing st rateg ies for e x pand ing Polygon's core coat ings-related ser v ices w it hin Nor t h A mer ica. Brow n has a B. S. in Libera l A r ts and Sciences f rom t he Universit y of I l l inois. He was act ive on t he Board of Gover nors for SSPC and ser ved as president in 2011. For more infor mat ion, contact: Polygon, w w Specifying Success Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #112

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