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MAR 2016

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The ship is a specialized offshore oil and gas well acid stimulation ship, which is essentially for fracking at sea. The solution for the flash-rusted steel headed into a corrosive environment: a plant-based coating. A new ship was headed off to sea, but it would first need to be coated in a variety of areas, including the back fantail and interior equipment spaces. Feature I 36 MARCH 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM PHOTOS COURTESY CASTAGRA PRODUCTS, INC. BY JENNIFER FRAKES A Whole New Angle: Unique Solutions for Challenging Coatings Job I t is a well-known fact that coating systems in oil and gas environments face extreme challenges, such as protect- ing substrates from corrosion and chemical exposure. Imagine, then, on top of being on an oil and gas project that your project is also on a ship! On ship decks, there are certain areas that experience the worst conditions and, as a result, the worst corrosion. Te back fantail and the interior equipment decks forward of the fantail are such areas. Recently, coatings contractor Aquablocx teamed up with Castagra to apply Ecodur, Castagra's plant- based coating material made from castor oil, to these spaces on a brand-new and highly specialized ofshore oil and gas well acid stimulation ship that performs the marine equivalent of frack- ing on the high seas. Passing the Test To fully understand the intense conditions that the back fantail and the interior equipment decks face, it must be noted that these areas are exposed not only to corrosive salts, but also to chemical spills and the physical impact of heav y equipment maintenance, including the dropping of tools. "Te equipment on the interior decks just forward of the back fantail pumps chemicals at a very high psi. It is not uncommon for some spills or for tools and equipment parts to be dropped on the surface during any repairs that take place while the ship is under way," explained Ed Harnage, manager of Aquablocx. He and the Aquablocx team found out that many ships were coming back every few months with traditional coating systems that had failed in these areas. It was for this reason that the chief engineer of this particular ship wanted to try Castagra's Ecodur. "Ecodur stands up to chemicals and is impact-resistant. STEEL OIL/GAS

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