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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2016 45 ensure penetration. T he technique shaved precious hours off the clock, according to VersaFlex technical sales representa- tive Rudi Rennert. "Teir method allowed the VF 20 primer to cure within 12 hours," said Rennert. "We want VF 20 to achieve a 'transfer free' state, which means that it leaves no residue on your bare hand when you touch it. Te primer can still be a bit tacky. As long as it doesn't transfer, it's okay to recoat." By now, the storm system had left Los Angeles and was heading toward Barstow, Calif., only 150 miles (241.4 km) from Las Vegas. Te Water FX crew was ready for some polyurea action, but there was another problem: Tey were completely unfamiliar with the spray gun they were about to use! Storm Barreling Down John Bender, authorized Graco distributor from Santa Fe Springs, Calif., knew the Graco/Glas-Craft Probler P2 gun that they wanted to use was signifcantly diferent than the gun they had relied upon in the past. On a fast-paced project like this with a storm barreling toward the jobsite, there was no time for trial and error. Bender dropped what he was doing, hopped in his truck, and drove to Las Vegas. "It takes experience to know how to set up the gun correctly for each particular application, so instead of just shipping them a P2, I brought them a gun and parts kit," Bender said. "I wanted to show them how to set it up and keep it running. This is an experienced crew, and they picked it up right away." Now that's a good thing because there was no time to lose. Real-time weather reports indicated the storm had already swept through Barstow and was descending on Baker, Calif., 100 miles (160.9 km) from the jobsite. Te Water FX crew knuckled down and began spraying a single 60-mil (1,524.0 microns) DFT pass of VersaFlex FSS 45 polyurea. "We did the walls frst to help get uniform thickness throughout," said Singleton. "Te large expanse of shotcrete made it tedious work to make sure every pass was identical to To help keep things moving during the 2.5-day time crunch, the crew took turns on the spray gun. With the 20-mil (508.0 microns) GelFlex 1115 topcoat down, the system was done. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Apply polyurea system to water feature in front of Las Vegas' New York-New York Hotel & Casino COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Water FX LLC 740 N Valle Verde Dr. Henderson, NV 89014 (702) 233-3200 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: Typically 23 full-time employees SIZE OF CREW: 5 crew members; tapped union workers from Laborers Local #872 when needed PRIME CLIENT: MGM Resorts International 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. S Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 693-7120 SUBSTRATE: Concrete CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: New construction SIZE OF JOB: ~9,600 sq. ft. (891.9 m²) DURATION: 2½ days UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » This was the contractor's first use of polyurea on a large fountain project and first use of the Probler P2 spray gun. » A scheduling delay pushed back the start by approximately three weeks. » An approaching rainstorm forced the crew to gamble on whether they could make the deadline. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Filled and troweled irregularities larger than approximately 1 /8-inch (0.3 cm) with Sikaflex caulk » Spray-applied a mist coat of VersaFlex VF 20 primer and backrolled » Spray-applied a single 60-mil (1,524.0 microns) dry film thickness (DFT) pass of VersaFlex FSS 45 polyurea » Spray-applied a single 20-mil (508.0 microns) DFT pass of VersaFlex GelFlex 1115 topcoat SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Used caution due to working with other trades in the area » Wore hard hats, boots, and reflective safety vests on site » Wore 3M organic vapor cartridge respirators, goggle-style eye protection, and protective coveralls when spraying

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