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MAR 2016

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COATINGSPRO MARCH 2016 47 choice but to tough it out and work into the night. Singleton ca lled in extra hands from Laborers Loca l Union #872 and brought in portable light towers. Inside the spray r ig trailer, the crew hastened to sw itch to the GelFlex topcoat. T he Water FX crew purged the system w ith VersaFlex VersaFlush, a solvent used to remove poly urea from application equipment. T hey fired up the H X P3 and ran a bit of GelFlex through the lines to ensure no contaminants remained. Meanwhile, Bender helped reset the Probler P2 to dish out a consistent 20 -mil (508.0 microns) DFT topcoat in a single pass. T he stage was set for the crew to make a fina l assault on the massive New York-New York lagoon. Te Water FX crew fnished spraying at daybreak just as the storm's frst sprin- kles hit. Before they could drag their heated hoses back to the spray trailer, the skies opened up and sheets of rain hammered the worksite. Drenched to the bone, cold, and tired, the men jumped into their pickups and headed back to the shop. Tey felt miserable, but had beaten the storm! Bender expressed amazement at how rapidly the crew adapted to changing conditions throughout this project. "Water FX quickly fgured out how the Probler P2 functions and how to keep it running," Bender said. "Te guys stepped up the pace when they had to and fnished just in the nick of time." Rennert acknowledges all the behind-the-scenes work that helped Water FX pull of this difcult project. "Tey've taken courses at Polyurea University and have gone so far as hosting classes at their Henderson facility," Rennert said. "Tat dedication helps bind our relationship, and I'm proud to be part of it." Singleton praises his crew for the way the New York-New York Hotel & Casino project turned out. Te crew made the deadline, the polyurea liner functions perfectly (the topcoat cured instantly, so the rainwater was no worry), and the Statue of Liberty's new lagoon looks amazing. But how does the project manager feel about the storm that put so much pressure on his crew? In retrospect, Singleton doesn't think it was all that bad! "You know," Singleton said, " it rarely rains in the desert, but when it does, it almost always comes as a surprise. At least this storm gave us advance warning." With an attitude like that, it's no wonder Water FX is making a big splash in Las Vegas! CP Despite the impending storm, the crew stayed calm and carried on. Graco distributor John Bender said, "The guys stepped up the pace when they had to and finished just in the nick of time." THICKNESS MEASUREMENT OF PROTECTIVE COATINGS Coating Thickness Material Analysis Microhardness Material Testing (860)683-0781 Robust, fast and reliable For ships, bridges, off-shore plat- forms, pipelines and structures Measures in accordance with SSPC-PA2, IMO-PSPC and others From basic "readings only" to stats and detailed inspection plans Surface Profle Measurement Easy and affordable ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Accurate and precise measurement of coating thick- ness with the Fischer FMP Series SEE US AT NACE 2016 BOOTH #2233 Vancouver, BC, Canada Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #135

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