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UL rating," Stallard said. Sunoco Logistics chose the topcoat in a signal gray color. And with the full system applied, it was time to send the beams on their cross-state journey from Pittsburgh to the jobsite near Philly. Humidity, Heights, and Coordination As you might imagine, the in-feld application of the coatings was a bit diferent than the application completed in the shop. Although the work was the same in both places, the Philadelphia- based on-site crew had to contend with a few additional variables. "Te shop is a controlled environment," Stallard explained. "But with our feld guys, there's a whole diferent set of risks and requirements when going on an industrial site." He continued, "Te shop is fully enclosed, fully heated, and operates year round, but for the feld, you're more at the mercy of Mother Nature." Tat meant several things in practice for the on-site crew. Made of 15 applicators, a site manager, superintendent, safety rep, and NACE-certifed quality control technician, the on-site crew worked with the shop-primed steel at the connection points and vessel skirts. Tat bit was a little less involved than in the shop. COATINGSPRO MARCH 2016 59 Wearing glasses, coveralls, and respirators, for example, the crew spray-applied Intergard 251 at 2–3 mils (50.8–76.2 microns) dr y film thickness (DFT) and then Char tek 1709 to a minimum of 417 mils (10,591.8 microns). Half way through the application of the Char tek, the crew installed HK-1 carbon fiber mesh. That was then topped with a spray-applied layer of 990HS at 2–3 mils (50.8–76.2 microns). JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Apply a passive fire protection system to the steel beams of structures at a petrochemical facility COATINGS CONTRACTOR: J. T. Thorpe & Son, Inc. 17 Ferry St. Leetsdale, PA 15056 (510) 233-2500 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 3,000 employees nationwide SIZE OF CREW: 120 people in the shop and 19 in the field PRIME CLIENT: Sunoco Logistics Partners 525 Fritztown Rd. Sinking Spring, PA 19608 (610) 670-3200 SUBSTRATE: Steel CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: New SIZE OF JOB: 40,000 sq. ft. (3,716.1 m²) DURATION: ~8 months over the course of 3 years UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » The on-site crew watched the weather forecast during the warmer months for humidity, and they didn't work during the winter months. » The company uses a databa se to match individual skill s with a specific job. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Used International Paint (IP)'s GTA007 solvent on steel to achieve Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Surface Preparation (SP) 1: Solvent Cleaning » Prepared steel to SSPC-SP-16: Brush-Off Blast Cleaning of Non-Ferrous Metals to achieve a 2- to 3-mil (50.8–76.2 microns) profile » Spray-applied Intergard 251 at 2–3 mils (50.8–76.2 microns) dry film thickness (DFT) » Spray-applied the Chartek 1709 to a total average minimum thickness of 417 mils (10,591.8 microns), installing HK-1 carbon fiber mesh mid-thick- ness » Spray-applied 990HS topcoat at 2–3 mils (50.8–76.2 microns) SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Wore steel-toed boots, hard hats, ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses, fire-retar- dant coveralls, and 3M respirators » Used Genie platforms with side rails » Used Miller Twin Turbo Fall Protection Systems when working at heights

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