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MAR 2016

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6 FEATURES XX DESCRIPTION GOES HERE In This Issue MARCH 2016 VOL. 16, NO. 2 NEVER AGAIN POLYUREA FX 42 36 Fracking Ship Hits Gold It was a soy-based coating that helped this unique project stay on course when a pump test went awry. 42 Coating Reservation for Hotel A new water feature at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas meant polyurea protection. It was jackpot for this client! 50 Anti-Skid Flight Deck For this am phibious a s s ault ship, hav ing the r ight anti-sk id co ating on the f light de ck wa s mis sion cr itical. 56 PFP Can Take the Heat! Expansions at a petrochemical facility required a special passive fire protection coating applied in-shop and in the field. 62 Flaked Nickel Plating The nickel plating on a water heating unit's tubes was flaking. It took a detailed analysis to determine the cause of this failure. 56 ON THE COVER When a petrochemical facility decided to expand their facility in eastern Pennsylvania, intumescent coatings were a must. Check out how the steel I-beams were coated and transported on page 56. —Photo courtesy of J. T. Thorpe & Son

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