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COATINGSPRO MAY 2016 23 cover everything. "Coating" can be used generically, or just for "protective" coatings that stop corrosion, or for " high-tech " paints. You didn't mention " linings," which imply use inside of a tank or pipeline. A: Sometimes the expression of painting is used for lower thick- nesses, while coating and lining are used for higher thicknesses. Coatings are not only anticorrosion paints. Tere are diferent kinds of coatings for diferent purposes, such as mechanical protection coatings, fre protection coatings, waterproofng coatings, and anticorrosion coatings, which can be used on steel, concrete, and other substrates. A: Pa int is any protect ive f i lm appl ied over a sur face w it h t he intent ion of cover ing it and ma k ing it look good. T he ma in reason for t he appl icat ion is to beaut if y a sur face eit her inside or outside a str uct ure. It usua l ly has t he capabi l it ies of being resistant to u ltrav iolet l ight and easy to c lean. Pa ints have minima l c hemica l resistance based on t he t y pe of resin used in t heir for mu l at ion. A not her def init ion is t hat pa int is a l iqu id mater ia l conta ining a d r y ing resin and pig ments t hat, when appl ied to a su itable substrate, w i l l combine w it h ox ygen f rom t he a ir to for m a sol id cont inuous f i lm over t he substrate, t hus prov id ing a weat h- er-resistant, decorat ive sur face. A coat ing is a resin-based f i lm appl ied over a sur face w it h t he inten- t ion of protect ing aga inst attac k by a c hemica l env ironment, abrasion, heat e x posure, or t he combinat ion of a l l t he above. It is a c lear or pig mented f i lm-for ming l iqu id t hat protects t he sur face to whic h it is appl ied f rom t he ef fects of t he env ironment. A: Used in the context of the origi- nal question, the two terms only relate to the application process and are generally interchangeable for liquid paints. T he term coating can refer to a layer of any solid or liquid film to a substrate or to the application of such a layer. Keeping only to our industr y, the layer could, for example, be paint or powder finish. Painting is a particular ty pe of coating application process, where the paint, varnish, lacquer, tar, etc. is applied in liquid form. So, in application terms: all painting is coating but not all coating is painting. In the material terms, all paints are coatings and but not all coatings are paints. CP Notes From the Blog Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #112

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