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COATINGSPRO MAY 2016 29 of maintaining water and wastewater infrastructure are especially acute for rural communities. Underfunded, under- stafed, and often underappreciated, rural water and wastewater operators are unsung heroes who keep drinking water safe for small communities and protect the environment. Tese operators are often saddled with failing infrastructure and lack the funding or customer base to support the needed upgrades. Working on a shoestring budget, they keep the water fowing safely with limited resources and lots of ingenuity. After watching the evening news one night in 2013, CMT ofce manager Marsha Lunsford had a vision. What if CMT selected an economically distressed North Carolina community in dire need of infrastructure rehabilitation and completed a project at no cost to the community? To celebrate CMT's 10-year anniversary of serving North Carolina's water and wastewater providers, we decided to launch CMT Gives Back. Design Your Give Back Not all coatings contracting companies work in this particular industry. Your company may service the transporta- tion industry (e.g., bridges, highways, and railcars), food and beverage indus- try (e.g., restaurant or store foors), or even the roofng industry. Regardless of the area you cover, giving back may be a viable part of your future. Here are a few tips based on our experiences. • Set Your Project Budget and Scope. We set a budget of $50,000 for our first project. We also set need and eligibility standards for the appli- cant communities and established specific parameters for the types of projects CMT was willing to donate. • Promote the Give Back. To promote CMT Gives Back, we created a website detailing the program, eligibility standards, selection criteria, and an online application for prospec- tive recipients. In addition, CMT partnered with the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, N.C. AWWA, and N.C. Rural Water to help build awareness of the opportunity for free infrastructure rehabilita- tion. Surprisingly, the number of initial applicants was quite low, as many people were unsure what to make of the program. In fact, our first recipient initially suspected that the program wasn't legitimate. After completing three projects, the number, quality, and competitiveness of applicants continues to grow. • Establish a Selection Process. The CMT Gives Back selection process consists of two phases. The first is an Contractor's Corner For more than a decade, HoldTight ® 102 salt remover/f lash rust preventer has set the standard of per formance worldwide. www.holdtight .com / info@holdtight .com Recommended industr y-wide In the toughest conditions, HOLDTIGHT ® was there f ir st . You know it when you see it. ™ NO SALT. NO RUST. ONE STEP. Recommended industr y-wide Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #16 4

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