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MAY 2016

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42 MAY 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM General Polymers supplied coatings for a nearby fre station that had high moisture content in the slab. Te issue with relying solely on a moisture level test is that it only provides a snapshot of that particular moment. You might get a satisfactory reading one day and a high reading a few days later if the groundwater level rises." Lamentations Seay explained his fndings to his Dan River Church contact Jerry Cordle and made a recommendation. Before laying down the marbleized coating, DCV would install a self-leveling moisture barrier. Te 1 th inch (0.32 cm) total dry flm thickness (DFT) General Polymers AquArmor MCS coating system gives a double bang for the buck by blocking moisture and covering imperfections. With the AquArmor in place, a metallic epoxy coat (GP 3745) would yield a natural looking marbled fnish. A urethane topcoat (GP 4686) would provide years of wear resistance and ease of cleaning. Cordle agreed, but he had one small favor to ask. "Can we have everything ready so the church can reopen on the Fourth of July?" After two days of concrete grinding, that left the crew only fve days to apply a very complex coating system; any mistake could lead to considerable lamentations. But hey, it was a church doing the asking! How could DCV refuse? Seay yanked his two-man grinding crew from another project and sent them to the Dan River Church. Jobsite access was great — the grinders simply backed their Chevy one-ton (0.9 metric ton) van up to the former store's loading dock behind the building. Te duo donned ear plugs, safety glasses, and 3M Organic vapor cartridge respirators, and then they fred up their walk-behind grinders. Te WerkMaster Colossos and HTC 800 created the specifed International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) concrete surface profle (CSP) 4–6 within the allotted time. Te crew didn't use hand-held angler grinders for edge work because the WerkMaster Colossos abraded within 1 th of an inch (0.32 cm) of the walls. Seay and Haynes inspected the work before sending the grinding team packing. A 10-man DCV coatings crew then descended on the project. First order of business was to patch all holes with Rapid Set Cement A ll. Multiple passes with Pulse-Bac and DeWALT vacuums readied the foor for the frst coat. Application Acts Te coatings crew staged a mixing station at the back door. One of their frst acts was to build a pushcart out of an old wooden pallet, four wheels, and a handle. W ho wants to hand carry heav y buckets when you can roll them? General Polymers two-part 3460 primer has an unusual mixing sequence, so the crew paid careful attention. Tey frst used a low speed drill with Jify blade to premix the hardener (3460B) for one Concrete Church Floor NLB's HydroPrep system lets you match tools to your surface prep jobs. Their rotating 40,000 psi water jets get down to bare metal (or concrete) quickly and leave a great surface for recoating. From manual to fully automated, NLB accessories (and pump units) can make you more productive. You can rent or buy them at any of our six regional branches, or call 800-441-5059. Productivity for sale or rent: HydroPrep ® tools NLB Pump Unit Easily converts to 8 pressures, up to 40,000 psi; 1,000 hp max. The Leader in High-Pressure Water Jet Technology Hand-held VertaJet™ Lightweight, with vacuum recovery Vortex™ For foors, ship decks and more SRT-10 Crawler Work high with no fall risk; wireless controls f r Water Jet Solutions Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #87

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