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COATINGSPRO MAY 2016 45 squeegeeing GP 3745 infused with metallic pigment colors. Seay again relied on his laser rangefnder to help achieve a spread rate of approximately 70 square feet per gallon (6.5 m² per 3.8 L). Te trick to installing a marble-like foor is to help the metallic pigment colors do their own thing, according to Trent. "Te metal- lic coat fows for about three or four hours," he said. "After you squeegee it out initially, you go behind with Magic Trowel squee- gees to move it around lightly and swirl it in various directions. All foors have very subtle variations, so the metallic pigments tend to fow and spread into the low spots anyway. Using a gentle and erratic motion helps that along and also removes any patterns left by the initial spreading. I always love how these marble-look foors come out, but I suggest that frst timers start in an inconspicuous place until they get a knack for the needed fnesse." Floor Judges For the topcoat, DCV opted for General Polymers 4686 urethane to be poured, squeegeed, and backrolled at a spread rate of about 325 square feet per gallon (30.2 m² per 3.8 L) in a single pass. "We used the ultra-high solids urethane due to its low odor," said Seay. "We couldn't use a solvent-based topcoat because there's a Salvation Army thrift shop in the same build- ing, and we didn't want to risk having fumes travel through the HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] ducting and running everyone out. Te GP 4686 also squeegees and backrolls very well and takes a long time to set up. Tis allows us to put it down without leaving trowel marks behind." Te crew fnished by nightfall and returned the next day to fnd a marble-look foor. Despite a complicated installation and a near disaster caused by a wayward wrecking crew, the crew had fnished in time. But what would the Dan River Church folk, the real judges, think? "Te foor is very nice and just about everyone who walks through comments on how great it looks," Cordle said. He is all too happy to spread the word. "We've even had other churches inquire and are delighted to recommend the Decorative Concrete of Virginia crew." Haynes is also pleased with DCV's performance on this project; he's heard several parishioners comment. "Everyone wants to know what kind of foor it is and who installed it," he said. "A ll things considered, I feel it worked out quite a bit better than concrete stain." No two marble-look foors come out exactly the same, but that's okay with businesses in and around DCV 's Lynchburg shop. Te Dan River Church project has already netted additional marble-look concrete rehab projects, Blanks reported. And DCV is gaining a reputation — as the coatings crew that saves! CP Concrete Church Floor Installers and owners choose L&M ™ FGS PERMASHINE ® because the system offers them: n Credibility and trust built over a decade n Exceptional product performance and national spec listings n "High traction" certifcation by the National Floor Safety Institute n Dedicated, long-term support of the polished concrete industry n LEED ® Green points n Architectural customization and colors A-6146-0416 ©2016 LATICRETE International, Inc. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners. Snap the QR code to download the Polished Concrete and LEED v 4.0 Certifcation whitepaper. Talk with a LATICRETE technical service rep about your next polished concrete project. Visit or call 1.203.393.0010 today. Why do people choose the L&M ™ FGS PERMASHINE ® polished concrete system? Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #365

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