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COATINGSPRO MAY 2016 49 leaves back down in time to allow the parade to pass through town. If Manolis Painting didn't meet that date, they'd have to pay up! With a monetary do or die (compensation or repercussion), the crew was under the gun to get everything done in time. Unfortunately, they were challenged to meet that date right from the start. According to George Kanellopulos, quality control (QC) supervisor for this Manolis Painting crew, the project's kickof date, March 21, was "the worst time of the year to start a project" for this region. Even up to a week before the start date, the client still hadn't set the pre-construction meeting, and nothing could move forward until that happened. After much correspondence between all of the parties involved, the state fnally set the meeting for March 17. "Te purpose of the preconstruction is to prepare, and there was no preparation," lamented Kanellopulos. Te crew had only four days to arrange everything needed to start the job on time, including setting up signs and rerout- ing trafc around the old bridge. Luckily, there's a highway that crosses the waterway near the drawbridge, but that doesn't mean that all of the locals took a liking to their new commute. With the site and plan fnally ready to go, Manolis Painting was fnally able to get construction boots on the bridge. Clean and Coat Each area — draw span, approach spans, and mechanical rooms — was completed with the same clean-and-coat plan. Te crew The approximately 100,000 square feet (9,290.3 m²) that made up the 64-year-old bridge showed a corroded substrate. JOB AT A GLANCE PROJECT: Overhaul the 64-year-old Kent Island Narrows drawbridge with a three- coat system COATINGS CONTRACTOR: Manolis Painting 539 N Dean St. Baltimore, MD 21205 (410) 276-1369 SIZE OF CONTRACTOR: 30–40 employees SIZE OF CREW: 30+ crew members PRIME CLIENT: Maryland State Highway Administration 707 N Calvert St. Baltimore, MD 21202 (410) 545-0300 SUBSTRATE: Steel CONDITION OF SUBSTRATE: Corroded SIZE OF JOB: ~100,000 sq. ft. (9,290.3 m²) DURATION: ~1 year UNUSUAL FACTORS/CHALLENGES: » The state worked with the local community to determine the final color of the bridge. » An annual motorcycle parade was slated to hit the bridge about 50 days after the start date, which created a specific schedule. MATERIALS/PROCESSES: » Abrasive blasted to NACE No. 2/Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Surface Preparation (SP) 10: Near White Blast Cleaning » Fixed the steel substrate, carrying 70 to 80 pounds (31.8–36.3 kg) of metal up the scaffolding » Primed all areas with 3–5 mils (76.2–127.0 microns) of the zinc and then stripe coated it » Applied 5–8 mils (127.0–203.2 microns) of the epoxy polyamide interme- diate coat and then stripe coated it » Applied 2–3 mils (50.8–76.2 microns) of the aliphatic polyurethane topcoat SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: » Used a suspended platform under the approach spans and scaffolding on the drawspan (both with guardrails) » Worked inside a class 1A containment » Wore respiratory protection, helmets, and full body protection when blasting » Wore hard hats, respirators, gloves, eye protection, coveralls, and steel- toed boots when coating

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