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MAY 2016

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Feature 54 MAY 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM I BY JENNIFER FRAKES PHOTOS COURTESY J.R. STELZER CO. AND INDURON COATINGS, LLC Water Tank Déjà Vu: 20 Years Later I n 1995, J.R. Stelzer Co. was tasked with removing the existing coating and applying a new coating system to the ground and elevated potable water tanks in the city of Papillion, Neb. Te family-owned and -operated coatings contractor began by performing the daunting task of removing the hazardous lead-based coating that existed on the tank. "For this job, because the crew was dealing with lead-based paint, containment and the proper disposal of the old coating system was required," said Tom Stelzer of J.R. Stelzer Co. Once the entire coating system was removed and the lead-abatement process was completed, the crew got to work applying the new coating system, a system that would last for 20 years before needing a recoat. Flash forward to 2015. Te city of Papillion has decided it is time once again for the ground and elevated tanks to be recoated, and city ofcials were happy to have a new generation of J.R. Stelzer coatings applicators return to the site. "Te previ- ous coatings application was still in decent shape for this point in its service life. You could tell that the work performed 20 years ago by our company was of the highest quality. Attention was paid to every detail, and we were thrilled with the way the coating stood the test of time," stated Stelzer. "Tat being said, 20 years had passed. It was time to recoat the exterior of the ground tank and both the interior and exterior of the elevated tank." According to Stelzer, the concrete ground tank has steel piping on the exterior, and there were areas where the paint was cracking and fading. Te elevated tank 's exterior was in need of a " freshening up," especially where Papillion's butterfy logo was concerned. Te interior of the elevated tank had mild levels of oxidation showing above the high water level. Below the high water line, there was a loss of mil thickness due to the many years the tank spent in service. "Overall, the job was just over 35,000 square feet [3,251.6 m²] with the exterior of the ground tank measuring 5,500 square feet [511.0 m²], the elevated POLYURETHANES ELASTOMERIC STEEL EPOXY TANK CONCRETE

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