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MAY 2016

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66 MAY 2016 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Never Again Figure 1. Excessive delamination Self-Fulflling Prophecy: Six Years and Still Leaking By Brian O'Farrell, President of DP Coatings Ltd. T he owners of a commercial condominium were plagued with water leaks every time it rained. Te gypsum board walls and bulkheads in the ofces had water steadily dripping for days after the rain stopped. Te developer had an exterior wall coating applied to concrete masonry units (CMU) to correct the problem, but it did not stop the leaks. Te occupants felt that the water was coming through the masonry walls. After fve years and multiple attempts to correct the water leaks, an indepen- dent consultant was brought in to diagnose the problem. Parapet fashing was removed from around the top of the walls to inspect the roof seal, which was observed to have been properly installed. Te roof itself was inspected and tested, and no leaks were found. A water hose was held on the exterior split face CMU walls, and water leaks were detected. Te consultant's diagnosis was that the building had a porous block problem, and the solution was to apply an elasto- meric wall coating system to the CMU exterior of the building. Te condominium property manager obtained three quotes from reputable paint contractors. A meeting was held with the condominium owners, and it was decided that the low bidder, which regularly performed repaint work for the property manag- ers, would be awarded the contract. Te contractor provided an 11-page quotation that was very detailed, specifying brand name products and clearly stating how the work would be performed. Tey had also ofered a fve-year warranty with yearly inspec- tions, complete with written reports at no extra cost as opposed to the other two companies whose quotes ofered standard one-year warranties with no follow up. Photos courtesy of DP Coatings Ltd. The elastomeric wall coating was applied and, to the dismay of ever yone, the water leak s were not correc ted.

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