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COATINGSPRO MAY 2016 73 New GacoElastomeric Silicone Roof Coating Provides Ponded Water Solution to Acrylic Elastomerics Gaco Wester n's new GacoElastomer ic Si licone Roof Coating of fers custom- ers a better choice for f i x ing roof lea ks. Because acr ylic elastomer ics have issues w ith ponded water and U V deg radation, they do not prov ide a lasting solution. GacoElastomer ic is the answer customers have been look ing for. Not only does it w ithstand ponded water, it remains f lex ible over time whereas acr ylics become hard and br itt le. It has higher solids than acr ylics so more coating stays on the roof to prov ide better coverage, and due to the unique chemistr y, it can be rained on af ter just t wo hours and won't wash of f the roof. Jason Lof tus, Gaco's nationa l accounts d istr ibution manager, is thr i l led w ith this new release. He said, " With GacoElastomer ic, hardware stores, paint stores, lumber- yards, roof ing supply houses, and other retai lers are now able to prov ide their customers the r ight solution for f i x ing their lea k ing roofs. Customers only need one convenient 2-ga l lon [7.6 L] pai l of GacoElastomer ic to cover 100 sq. f t. [9.3 m²] whereas they wou ld need 5 ga l lons [18.9 L] of most acr ylic elastomer ics. Plus, it 's easy to apply on a lmost any c lean, dr y roof sur face and most projects can be completed in a single day." For more infor mation, contact: GacoWester n, w w Reader Inquiry #3608 Mule-Hide Products Co. Introduces Roof Drains for New Construction, Retrofit Applications Mule-Hide Products Co. has expanded its ofering of multi-system accessories with a selection of roof drains for new construction and retroft applications. For new construction projects, contrac- tors can choose from kits featuring drains with heav y-duty bodies made of injection-molded PVC or epoxy-coated New Products & Services JUNE 12-14, 2016 • PARIS LAS VEGAS WESTERN E X P O W E E R N E X P O Roofng FREE! TRADE SHOW PASS 1-800-725-0333 ROOFING AND WATERPROOFING CONTRACTORS, ARCHITECTS, CONSULTANTS, ENGINEERS AND ALL MEDIA (AND THEIR EMPLOYEES) CAN ATTEND THE WESTERN ROOFING EXPO 2016 TRADE SHOW FOR FREE! SKIP THE LINES BY REGISTERING ONLINE AT WSRCA.COM FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTARY BADGE TO THE EXPO! CLEASBY PRESENTED BY WESTERN STATES ROOFING CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION Wr i te in Re ad e r In q u ir y #27 2

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