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JAN 2009

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LETTERS Having coated problem parking garages myself, "Arizona Car Dealer Parks Its Waterproofing Problems" ( CoatingsPro , Sept. 08), really caught my attention. Too often, the coatings systems and the contractors, are blamed for problems that actually are caused by poor engineering and architectural design. At least this owner seems to recognize that fact. Too bad they can't afford the correct architectural fix. Brandon Lee Chicago, Ill. "Painting A Monster Wave of Steel" by Syndee Holt (CoatingsPro, Nov. 08) provided an interesting look at how theme parks do business. A new coat of paint, some new cars, and bingo, you've got a new coaster! The photos really made this seem like a fun and unusual job. T. Richardson Recondo Inc. I have been involved in several situations in which the project was essentially "fixing a job gone wrong." The "Notes From The Field" article in the November 2008 issue offers sound advice. I would especially like to thank Dennis Bryant for providing his proce- dural checklist of steps to follow when assessing a premature failure. Should the need arise, this will prove very helpful for future remediation jobs. Martin Krager Bell Coatings Write in Reader Inquiry #190 Write in Reader Inquiry #XXX 1949-2009 Celebrating 60 Years of Service to the Coatings Industry 1945 1950 1960 Kenneth Tator develops the KTA test panel First industrial paint evaluation programs are initiated Kenneth Tator Associates founded – 1949 Corrosion test sites established across the country Offers inspection services and instruments sales Physical testing laboratory opens First coatings training course provided 1970 1980 Nuclear coating inspection services offered New headquarters is built to support growth Analytical laboratory opens Kenneth Tator Associates becomes KTA-Tator, Inc. Environmental services offered KTA CAPP® System is developed (Coating Assessment and Painting Priority System) 1990 Health & safety services offered 90th NACE-trained coatings inspector is hired KTA Steel Group formed 2000 KTA becomes IACET authorized provider Laboratory selected for AASHTO NTPEP testing )LUVW ¿ UP WR UHFHLYH 663& 43 FHUWL¿ FDWLRQ /DERUDWRU\ UHFHLYHV $ /$ FHUWL¿ FDWLRQ ,62 406 LQLWLDWHG Celebrating 60 years of service – 2009 2010 3+ .7$ 7DWRU ,QF 7HFKQRORJ\ 'ULYH 3LWWVEXUJK 3$ ); Write in Reader Inquiry #14 6746.'5-+0 9#6'4#4/14 Superior UHP water jet protection. WaterArmor is tested and proven to stop injuries at flow rates as high as 11 gpm at 20,000 psi or 5.5 gpm at 40,000 psi. Rugged, patented TurtleSkin material is lightweight and flexible. Adjustable, modular design for comfort and increased productivity. Each panel moves independently, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of use. Proven under pressure. Actual swipe from a water jet at 36,000 psi. UHP operator was not injured. 888.477.4675 January 2009 J 11 ZZZ NWD FRP ZZZ NWDJDJH FRP 2009 1949

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