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JAN 2009

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EYjc]lHdY[] ;gYlaf_kHjg EY_Yraf] EYjc]lHdY[] Ç L`] :]kl NYdm] ^gj Qgmj 9\& SPECIALTY SURFACE PREP EQUIPMENT & SERVICES INSPECTION SERVICES KTA-Tator, Inc. &RDWLQJV &RQVXOWLQJ & )DLOXUH $QDO\VLV &RDWLQJ 6\VWHP 'HVLJQ DQG 6SHFL¿FDWLRQ 3UHSDUDWLRQ &RDWLQJV ,QVSHFWLRQ &RDWLQJV ,QVSHFWLRQ 7UDLQLQJ &RDWLQJV 5HVHDUFK & 7HVWLQJ /DERUDWRU\ 0DWHULDOV 7HVWLQJ (QYLURQPHQWDO +HDOWK & 6DIHW\ ,QVSHFWLRQ ,QVWUXPHQW 6DOHV & 6HUYLFH Accurate, quick and affordable detection of salt levels with CHLOR*TEST™ field test kits- t CHLOR*TEST - chlorides on surfaces t CHLOR*TEST "A" in abrasives t CHLOR*TEST "W" in liquids t CHLOR*TEST "C" in concrete t CHLOR*TEST "CSN" - chlorides, sulfates & nitrates on surfaces And, for more than a decade, the corrosion industry has relied on patented CHLOR*RID® liquid soluble salt remover to effectively prepare surfaces for long coating life. D]Y\af_ l`] ogjd\ af kmj^Y[] hj]hYjYlagf l][`fgdg_q 800-256-3440 World of Concrete Las Vegas, NV Visit us at February 3-6 2009 Booth S10123 1'7 6HUYLFHV 6WUXFWXUDO 6WHHO :HOG ,QVSHFWLRQ Quality and Integrity Since 1949 115 7HFKQRORJ\ 'ULYH 3LWWVEXUJK 3$ LQIR#NWD FRP ZZZ NWD FRP Coating Thickness Gages and Inspection Instruments Discover CoatingsPro MarketPlace The Only Place For You. Place Your Ad in MarketPlace Now! Contact your Media Communications Specialist (858) 490-2708 800-448-3835 See us at World of Concrete Las Vegas, NV February 3-6 2009 Booth S21332 HdY[] Qgmj 9\ af EYjc]lHdY[] Fgo ;gflY[l qgmj E]\aY ;geemfa[Ylagfk Kh][aYdakl 0-0! ,1(%*/(0 Notice: Publisher assumes no responsibilities for products or services herein advertised, or for claims or actions of advertisers. Any respondent unable to get satisfaction from an advertiser should promptly advise the publisher. 104 CoatingsPro J January 2009

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