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JAN 2009

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Introducing the first of a powerful new product line from Diamatic® BMGP-600-R featuring POD* USA, the Technology. The Point of Development (POD) design makes it the only machine on the market to collect contaminants through the tooling. This dynamic feature cools the grinding and polishing heads and extends diamond tool life. Contractors will benefit from increased visibility of work surfaces and improved production, plus the decreased clean-up time will reduce labor costs. With a 23" working path, the outstand- ing performance of the two-headed BMGP-600-R makes it the most versatile and ecologically friendly machine today, for grinding and polishing. Special, patent pending, POD Metal Bond & Resin Bond Diamonds for use with BMGP-600-R. Take control with the new BMGP-600-R from Diamatic USA and land the benefits of POD Technology. 800.256.3440 s Whatever your job need for surface preparation, Trust the Choice of Professionals, Diamatic USA *Point of Development, "POD" Technology is patent pending for Blastrac,NA. Write in Reader Inquiry #147 January 2009 J 3 Nominated Most Innovative Product for WOC 2009!

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